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Affordable Co-working Spaces In Fiji

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Affordable Co-working Spaces in Fiji

Fiji is a stunning tropical paradise known for its pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and lush landscapes. It is also becoming a popular destination for digital nomads and remote workers seeking affordable co-working spaces. In this article, we will explore some of the best affordable co-working spaces in Fiji that provide a productive and inspiring environment for professionals.

1. Bamboo Coworking Space

The Bamboo Coworking Space, located in Suva, Fiji’s capital city, offers an affordable and flexible workspace for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remote workers. The space provides a comfortable and modern work environment with high-speed internet, ergonomic chairs, and ample natural light.

  • Community: The Bamboo Coworking Space fosters a vibrant community of like-minded individuals, providing opportunities for networking, collaboration, and skill-sharing.
  • The community aspect of this co-working space is highly valued, as it allows professionals to connect with others in their field and potentially form partnerships or seek mentorship.

  • Amenities: The space offers amenities such as shared meeting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, printing facilities, and complimentary tea and coffee.
  • These amenities contribute to a productive work environment and enhance the overall experience for members.

  • Location: Situated in the heart of Suva, the Bamboo Coworking Space is conveniently located near cafes, restaurants, and other amenities.
  • This makes it easy for professionals to take breaks, grab a bite to eat, or run errands without straying too far from their workspace.

2. Beachcomber Island Co-working Hub

The Beachcomber Island Co-working Hub is a unique co-working space situated on the picturesque Beachcomber Island. This tropical paradise offers a serene and inspiring backdrop for professionals looking to combine work and leisure.

  • Island Setting: The co-working hub is located on a private island, surrounded by crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches.
  • This tranquil setting provides a refreshing escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, allowing professionals to find inspiration and focus.

  • Flexible Workspaces: The Beachcomber Island Co-working Hub offers a variety of workspaces, including open-air desks, private offices, and beachfront workstations.
  • Professionals can choose the environment that suits their preferences and work style, whether they prefer a quiet space or a more social atmosphere.

  • Recreational Activities: In addition to workspaces, the co-working hub provides access to various recreational activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, and beach volleyball.
  • This allows professionals to unwind and recharge during their breaks, making the most of their time in this tropical paradise.

3. Nomad Fiji

Nomad Fiji is a co-working space located in Nadi, a vibrant town on the western side of the main island of Viti Levu. This co-working space aims to create an inclusive and supportive community for digital nomads and remote workers.

  • Workspace Options: Nomad Fiji offers various workspace options, including shared desks, private offices, and dedicated desks.
  • These options cater to the different needs and preferences of professionals, ensuring they have a comfortable and productive workspace.

  • Networking Events: The co-working space organizes regular networking events, workshops, and social activities to foster connections and collaboration among its members.
  • These events provide opportunities for professionals to expand their network, gain insights, and learn from others in different industries.

  • Convenient Location: Nomad Fiji is conveniently located near the Nadi International Airport and is close to accommodations, restaurants, and shops.
  • This makes it a convenient choice for digital nomads who are frequently traveling or need easy access to amenities.

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4. The Hive Fiji

The Hive Fiji is a co-working space located in the heart of Nadi town. It offers a professional and collaborative environment for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers.

  • Modern Facilities: The Hive Fiji provides modern facilities, including high-speed internet, comfortable workstations, and meeting rooms equipped with audiovisual technology.
  • These facilities ensure that professionals have the necessary resources to carry out their work efficiently.

  • Supportive Community: The co-working space promotes a supportive and inclusive community, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.
  • Members have the opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, share experiences, and seek advice or feedback.

  • Events and Workshops: The Hive Fiji organizes various events and workshops, ranging from skill-building sessions to industry-specific talks.
  • These events provide valuable learning opportunities and help professionals stay updated with the latest trends and developments in their respective fields.

5. Mana Island Co-working Retreat

The Mana Island Co-working Retreat offers a unique blend of work and relaxation on the stunning Mana Island in Fiji. This retreat is designed for professionals seeking a peaceful and inspiring work environment.

  • Work-Life Balance: The co-working retreat emphasizes the importance of work-life balance, providing professionals with dedicated workspaces as well as access to recreational activities and wellness facilities.
  • Professionals can enjoy yoga classes, spa treatments, and beachside relaxation, ensuring they can rejuvenate and maintain productivity.

  • Private Villas: The retreat offers private villas with workspaces overlooking the ocean, providing a serene and distraction-free environment.
  • These villas are equipped with all the necessary amenities and offer a comfortable space for professionals to focus on their work.

  • Networking Opportunities: The Mana Island Co-working Retreat organizes networking events and social gatherings, allowing professionals to connect with others in a relaxed and informal setting.
  • These opportunities foster collaboration and create a sense of community among the retreat’s residents.

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6. Taveuni Island Co-working Center

The Taveuni Island Co-working Center is located on the beautiful Taveuni Island, known as the “Garden Island” of Fiji. This co-working center provides a tranquil and natural setting for professionals to work and connect with nature.

  • Scenic Environment: The co-working center is surrounded by lush rainforests, waterfalls, and pristine beaches, offering a breathtaking and inspiring backdrop for work.
  • Professionals can take breaks and explore the island’s natural beauty, providing a refreshing escape from their work responsibilities.

  • Flexible Workspaces: The Taveuni Island Co-working Center offers flexible workspaces, including shared desks, private offices, and outdoor workstations.
  • Professionals can choose the environment that suits their preferences and work style, whether they prefer a quiet indoor space or an outdoor setting.

  • Community Events: The co-working center organizes community events, workshops, and excursions, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging collaboration.
  • These events allow professionals to connect with others, share knowledge, and explore the unique cultural and natural aspects of Taveuni Island.

7. Savusavu Co-working Hub

The Savusavu Co-working Hub is situated in the town of Savusavu, known for its natural hot springs and stunning bay. This co-working hub provides a peaceful and idyllic work environment for professionals.

  • Flexible Membership Options: The co-working hub offers flexible membership options, including daily, weekly, and monthly passes, catering to the needs of both short-term and long-term visitors.
  • Professionals can choose the membership option that aligns with their stay duration and work requirements.

  • Collaborative Spaces: The Savusavu Co-working Hub provides collaborative spaces, including shared desks, meeting rooms, and lounge areas.
  • These spaces encourage interaction, idea exchange, and collaboration among professionals from various backgrounds.

  • Proximity to Nature: The co-working hub is located near natural attractions such as waterfalls, hiking trails, and coral reefs.
  • Professionals can take advantage of their surroundings during breaks, exploring the beauty of Savusavu and finding inspiration in nature.

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8. Yasawa Islands Co-working Space

The Yasawa Islands Co-working Space is situated in the stunning Yasawa Islands, known for their white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. This co-working space offers professionals a peaceful and remote work environment.

  • Island Paradise: The co-working space is located on one of the Yasawa Islands, providing professionals with a serene and unspoiled setting.
  • Working amidst the natural beauty of the islands can be incredibly inspiring and conducive to productivity.

  • Reliable Internet: Despite being in a remote location, the Yasawa Islands Co-working Space ensures a reliable internet connection, allowing professionals to stay connected and work efficiently.
  • This is essential for remote workers who rely on a stable internet connection to carry out their tasks.

  • Unique Experiences: In addition to workspaces, the co-working space offers various experiences such as snorkeling, island hopping, and cultural activities.
  • Professionals can take part in these experiences during their free time, making their stay in the Yasawa Islands even more memorable.

9. Rakiraki Co-working Center

The Rakiraki Co-working Center is located in the town of Rakiraki, known for its sugar cane fields and beautiful coastal scenery. This co-working center provides professionals with a peaceful and productive work environment.

  • Comfortable Workspaces: The co-working center offers comfortable workspaces equipped with ergonomic furniture, high-speed internet, and ample natural light.
  • These features contribute to a comfortable and conducive work environment, allowing professionals to focus on their tasks.

  • Community Events: The Rakiraki Co-working Center organizes community events, workshops, and networking sessions to facilitate connections and collaboration among professionals.
  • These events provide opportunities to learn, share knowledge, and build meaningful relationships with others in the co-working community.

  • Proximity to Nature: The co-working center is located near natural attractions such as waterfalls, hiking trails, and the stunning Rakiraki coastline.
  • Professionals can take breaks and explore these natural wonders, finding inspiration and relaxation amidst the beauty of Rakiraki.


Fiji offers a range of affordable co-working spaces that cater to the needs of digital nomads, remote workers, and entrepreneurs. Whether you prefer a bustling city environment, a serene island retreat, or a peaceful coastal town, Fiji has a co-working space to suit your preferences. These spaces provide not only comfortable workspaces but also foster a sense of community, offering networking opportunities and a chance to connect with like-minded professionals. With its stunning natural beauty and welcoming culture, Fiji is an ideal destination for those seeking an affordable co-working experience.


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