Best Relaxation Spots For After-Work Hours In Singapore - Answers & Video

Best Relaxation Spots For After-Work Hours In Singapore

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Relaxation Spots for After-Work Hours in Singapore

Singapore, known as the “Lion City,” is a bustling metropolis that offers various relaxation spots for individuals looking to unwind after a long day at work. From tranquil parks to rejuvenating spas, this article will guide you through some of the best relaxation spots in Singapore.

1. Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay is a stunning nature park located in the heart of Singapore. Spanning over 101 hectares, this iconic attraction features beautifully landscaped gardens, futuristic Supertrees, and the mesmerizing Cloud Forest and Flower Dome conservatories. Take a leisurely stroll through the gardens, breathe in the fresh air, and immerse yourself in the serenity of nature.

  • Supertree Grove: Marvel at the Supertrees, towering vertical gardens that come alive with a spectacular light and sound show at night.
  • The Supertree Grove is a must-visit spot in Gardens by the Bay. These towering vertical gardens, ranging from 25 to 50 meters in height, are adorned with over 162,900 plants. Visit in the evening to witness the mesmerizing light and sound show known as the “Garden Rhapsody.”

  • Cloud Forest: Step into a misty wonderland filled with lush vegetation and the world’s tallest indoor waterfall.
  • The Cloud Forest is a breathtaking conservatory that replicates the cool and moist conditions of tropical mountain regions. Explore the mist-filled Cloud Walk, marvel at the stunning orchids, and be captivated by the 35-meter tall indoor waterfall, the tallest in the world.

  • Flower Dome: Admire a colorful display of flowers and plants from various regions around the world.
  • The Flower Dome is the largest glass greenhouse in the world, showcasing a wide variety of flora from different climates. Take a leisurely stroll through the themed gardens and enjoy the vibrant colors and fragrances of the flowers and plants on display.

2. Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is a popular resort island located just off the southern coast of Singapore. With its pristine beaches, lush landscapes, and exciting attractions, Sentosa offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

  • Palawan Beach: Relax on the sandy shores of Palawan Beach, known for its crystal-clear waters and picturesque palm trees.
  • Palawan Beach is a tranquil oasis where you can unwind and soak up the sun. Lounge on the sandy shores, take a refreshing dip in the turquoise waters, or simply enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach.

  • Sentosa Boardwalk: Take a leisurely stroll along the Sentosa Boardwalk, a scenic walkway that connects VivoCity to Sentosa Island.
  • The Sentosa Boardwalk offers a picturesque walk with stunning views of the city skyline and the waterfront. Enjoy the cool sea breeze as you make your way to Sentosa Island, taking in the sights and sounds along the way.

  • Universal Studios Singapore: Embark on thrilling rides and immerse yourself in the world of movies at Universal Studios Singapore.
  • For those seeking an adrenaline rush, Universal Studios Singapore is the place to be. Experience heart-pounding roller coasters, captivating shows, and meet your favorite movie characters as you explore the various themed zones within the park.

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3. Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a tranquil oasis in the heart of the city. Spanning over 82 hectares, these gardens are home to a diverse collection of plants and offer a serene environment for relaxation.

  • National Orchid Garden: Explore the National Orchid Garden, featuring a stunning display of over 1,000 orchid species and hybrids.
  • The National Orchid Garden is a must-visit within the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Admire the vibrant colors and intricate beauty of orchids from all around the world. Don’t miss the VIP Orchid Garden, where orchids named after visiting dignitaries are showcased.

  • Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden: Let your little ones have fun at the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, an interactive and educational playground.
  • The Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a paradise for kids, offering various play areas, educational exhibits, and a water play zone. Let your children explore and learn about nature in a safe and engaging environment.

  • Swan Lake: Take a leisurely stroll around Swan Lake, a picturesque spot with resident swans and lush greenery.
  • Enjoy a peaceful walk around Swan Lake, surrounded by lush greenery and the graceful presence of swans. This serene setting is perfect for relaxation and provides a tranquil escape from the city.

4. Singapore River

The Singapore River is a historic waterway that flows through the heart of the city. It offers a unique blend of old and new, with beautifully preserved colonial buildings and modern skyscrapers lining its banks.

  • Boat Quay: Enjoy a riverside dining experience at Boat Quay, where you can savor delicious cuisine while taking in the scenic views.
  • Boat Quay is a vibrant riverside promenade lined with restaurants and bars. Indulge in a wide array of international and local cuisines while enjoying the picturesque views of the river and the surrounding cityscape.

  • Clarke Quay: Experience the vibrant nightlife at Clarke Quay, known for its lively bars and clubs.
  • Clarke Quay is a bustling nightlife hub, offering a wide range of entertainment options. Dance the night away at one of the clubs, enjoy live music performances, or simply soak up the energetic atmosphere as you explore the vibrant streets.

  • Museum of Asian Civilizations: Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Asia at the Museum of Asian Civilizations.
  • The Museum of Asian Civilizations is located along the Singapore River and showcases the diverse cultures and traditions of Asia. Explore the extensive collection of artifacts, artworks, and interactive exhibits that provide insights into the region’s rich heritage.

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5. East Coast Park

East Coast Park is a popular recreational area that stretches over 15 kilometers along the southeastern coast of Singapore. With its sandy beaches, cycling paths, and barbecue pits, it offers a perfect setting for relaxation and outdoor activities.

  • Cycling and Rollerblading: Rent a bicycle or rollerblades and enjoy a leisurely ride along the scenic East Coast Park cycling path.
  • Explore the park on wheels as you cycle or rollerblade along the well-paved paths. Enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and take in the beautiful views of the coastline while engaging in a fun and healthy activity.

  • Barbecue and Picnic: Gather your friends and family for a barbecue or picnic by the beach, making use of the designated pits and picnic areas.
  • East Coast Park provides numerous barbecue pits and picnic areas where you can enjoy a delicious outdoor feast. Grill your favorite meats, savor the aroma of barbecued food, and bond with your loved ones amidst the serene beach setting.

  • Water Sports: Try your hand at various water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, and stand-up paddleboarding.
  • For the adventurous souls, East Coast Park offers a range of water sports activities. Rent equipment and explore the waters of the park, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced enthusiast.

6. Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark is an iconic rooftop oasis that offers breathtaking views of the city skyline and the Marina Bay area. Perched atop the Marina Bay Sands hotel, this observation deck provides a unique vantage point to admire Singapore’s beauty.

  • Spectacular Views: Marvel at the panoramic views of the cityscape, including landmarks such as the Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Flyer.
  • The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark offers unparalleled views of Singapore’s skyline. From this elevated vantage point, you can witness the city’s transformation from day to night and capture stunning photographs of the iconic landmarks.

  • Infinity Pool: Take a refreshing dip in the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool, which offers an unforgettable swimming experience.
  • The Marina Bay Sands SkyPark features a breathtaking infinity pool that spans the length of three Olympic-sized swimming pools. Enjoy a relaxing swim while overlooking the cityscape, creating a truly memorable experience.

  • Dining and Entertainment: Indulge in a wide range of dining options and experience world-class entertainment at the Marina Bay Sands integrated resort.
  • The Marina Bay Sands complex offers a multitude of dining options, ranging from celebrity chef restaurants to casual eateries. After enjoying a delicious meal, catch a world-class performance at the Sands Theatre or try your luck at the casino.

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