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Celebrating Global Festivals With Locals In Belgium

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Celebrating Global Festivals with Locals in Belgium

Belgium, known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant festivals, is a country that offers a unique and immersive experience for travelers. Celebrating global festivals with locals in Belgium provides an opportunity to witness the country’s diverse traditions, taste its exquisite cuisine, and experience the warmth of Belgian hospitality. From colorful parades to lively music and dance performances, Belgium’s festivals offer a glimpse into its fascinating history and traditions. In this article, we will explore some of the most captivating festivals in Belgium and how you can celebrate them with the locals.

1. Brussels Flower Carpet Festival

The Brussels Flower Carpet Festival is a biennial event held in the Grand Place, one of the most iconic squares in Brussels. The festival showcases a breathtaking carpet made entirely of flowers, with intricate designs and vibrant colors. Visitors can witness the creation of the carpet, which usually takes several days to complete. The festival also features live music performances, dance shows, and a variety of food stalls offering Belgian delicacies. Celebrating the Brussels Flower Carpet Festival with locals allows you to admire the stunning floral artistry and immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.

  • Floral Masterpieces: Each edition of the Brussels Flower Carpet Festival presents a unique design, carefully crafted by skilled florists using around 600,000 begonias. The carpet covers an area of approximately 1,800 square meters and is a true marvel to behold.
  • The intricate patterns and vibrant colors of the flower carpet create a mesmerizing sight. Visitors can walk on the carpet and take stunning photographs from different angles, capturing the beauty of this ephemeral masterpiece.

  • Concerts and Performances: Throughout the festival, visitors can enjoy live music concerts and dance performances that add to the festive ambiance. Local musicians and artists showcase their talents, providing a delightful experience for attendees.
  • From classical music to contemporary beats, the performances cater to a wide range of musical preferences. The lively atmosphere created by the music and dance performances enhances the overall festival experience.

  • Food Delights: The Brussels Flower Carpet Festival is also an opportunity to indulge in Belgian gastronomy. Numerous food stalls offer a variety of traditional Belgian dishes, such as waffles, chocolates, and frites (Belgian fries).
  • Visitors can savor these delectable treats while enjoying the festival’s vibrant atmosphere. The aroma of freshly cooked Belgian specialties fills the air, enticing attendees to explore the culinary delights of the country.

2. Ghent Festival

The Ghent Festival, also known as the “Gentse Feesten,” is one of the largest cultural festivals in Europe. Held annually in the city of Ghent, this ten-day extravaganza attracts millions of visitors from around the world. The festival features a wide range of activities, including music concerts, street theater performances, art exhibitions, and culinary experiences. Celebrating the Ghent Festival with locals allows you to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and experience the city’s rich cultural heritage.

  • Street Performances: The Ghent Festival is renowned for its street theater performances, which take place throughout the city. Locals and international artists showcase their talents, captivating audiences with their unique acts and artistic expressions.
  • From acrobatics and mime to live music and dance, the streets of Ghent come alive with a myriad of performances. The interactive nature of these shows allows visitors to engage with the artists and become part of the spectacle.

  • Music Extravaganza: The festival boasts an extensive lineup of music concerts, featuring both renowned international artists and local talent. From rock and pop to jazz and classical music, there is something for every music lover.
  • Various stages are set up across the city, offering a diverse range of musical genres. Whether you prefer large-scale concerts or intimate performances in cozy venues, the Ghent Festival promises an unforgettable musical experience.

  • Culinary Delights: The Ghent Festival is a food lover’s paradise, with numerous food stalls and pop-up restaurants offering a wide array of culinary delights. From traditional Belgian dishes to international cuisines, there is something to satisfy every palate.
  • Visitors can indulge in Belgian classics like stoofvlees (beef stew) and waterzooi (a creamy chicken or fish stew), as well as explore a variety of global flavors. The festival’s lively ambiance provides the perfect backdrop for enjoying delicious food.

3. Carnival of Binche

The Carnival of Binche is one of the most famous and unique carnivals in the world. Recognized as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, this centuries-old tradition takes place in the town of Binche, located in the Wallonia region of Belgium. The carnival revolves around Gilles, the iconic characters who wear vibrant costumes and wooden masks. Celebrating the Carnival of Binche with locals allows you to witness this extraordinary spectacle and immerse yourself in the town’s festive spirit.

  • Gilles Procession: The highlight of the Carnival of Binche is the Gilles procession, where hundreds of Gilles, dressed in elaborate costumes and masks, parade through the streets of Binche. The Gilles are believed to chase away evil spirits and bring good luck to the town.
  • The procession is accompanied by traditional music and dance performances, creating a lively and joyous atmosphere. Witnessing this unique tradition is an incredible opportunity to delve into the folklore and cultural heritage of the region.

  • Throwing of Oranges: During the Gilles procession, the Gilles throw oranges into the crowd as a symbol of good luck. It is considered an honor to catch one of these oranges, as it is believed to bring prosperity and fortune.
  • The throwing of oranges adds an element of excitement and participation to the carnival. Visitors can join the locals in trying to catch these coveted fruits, creating a sense of camaraderie and shared experience.

  • Ball of the Gilles: The carnival culminates in the “Ball of the Gilles,” an extravagant event where the Gilles and their partners gather to dance and celebrate. The ball is a grand display of traditional music, dance, and revelry.
  • Attending the Ball of the Gilles allows you to witness the energy and enthusiasm of the participants as they showcase their dancing skills and enjoy the festive atmosphere. It is a memorable experience that captures the essence of the carnival.

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4. Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland is one of the world’s largest electronic music festivals, held annually in Boom, Belgium. Known for its extravagant stages, immersive decorations, and top-tier DJ lineup, Tomorrowland attracts music enthusiasts from all corners of the globe. Celebrating Tomorrowland with locals allows you to be part of this electrifying experience and dance the night away in a truly magical setting.

  • Stages and Performances: Tomorrowland is renowned for its visually stunning stages, each with its own unique theme and design. From elaborate constructions to mesmerizing light shows, the festival creates a fantastical environment that transports attendees to another world.
  • The festival features performances by world-famous DJs, who take the stage to deliver unforgettable sets. The diverse lineup ensures there is something for every electronic music lover, whether you prefer house, techno, trance, or any other subgenre.

  • Global Gathering: Tomorrowland brings together people from all corners of the globe, creating a truly international atmosphere. The festival attracts a diverse crowd of music enthusiasts, fostering a sense of unity and shared passion.
  • Interacting with locals and fellow festival-goers allows you to forge connections and make new friends from different cultures. Tomorrowland’s inclusive and welcoming environment promotes a sense of togetherness and celebration.

  • Magical Setting: The festival takes place in the picturesque surroundings of De Schorre, a recreational area with lush greenery and enchanting lakes. The natural beauty of the location adds an extra touch of magic to the festival experience.
  • Exploring the grounds of Tomorrowland allows you to appreciate the stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in the festival’s unique atmosphere. The combination of music, nature, and art creates an unforgettable sensory experience.

5. Ommegang Pageant in Brussels

The Ommegang Pageant is a historical reenactment held in Brussels, showcasing a grand procession that commemorates a visit by Charles V and his son Philip II in 1549. The pageant features participants dressed in medieval costumes, marching through the streets of Brussels to recreate the atmosphere of the past. Celebrating the Ommegang Pageant with locals allows you to step back in time and witness this fascinating historical event.

  • Historical Reenactment: The Ommegang Pageant is a meticulously crafted reenactment of the grand procession that took place during Charles V’s visit. Participants dress in period costumes, representing various historical figures, guilds, and characters.
  • The procession moves through the streets of Brussels, creating a captivating spectacle that transports spectators to the Renaissance era. The attention to detail in the costumes and props adds authenticity to the historical reenactment.

  • Medieval Market: In addition to the procession, the Ommegang Pageant features a medieval market where artisans and vendors sell traditional crafts, food, and drinks. Visitors can explore the market stalls and immerse themselves in the ambiance of the past.
  • The market offers a glimpse into medieval life, with craftsmen showcasing their skills and traders offering a variety of goods. Tasting medieval-inspired dishes and experiencing traditional crafts adds to the overall immersive experience.

  • Grand Finale: The Ommegang Pageant concludes with a grand finale, featuring a reenactment of the arrival of Charles V and Philip II at the Grand Place. The pageant culminates in a spectacular fireworks display, lighting up the Brussels sky.
  • Witnessing the grand finale allows you to witness the climax of the historical reenactment and feel the excitement and energy of the crowd. The fireworks add a touch of grandeur to the event, creating a memorable conclusion.

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6. Procession of the Holy Blood in Bruges

The Procession of the Holy Blood is a religious procession held in the city of Bruges, commemorating the relic of the Holy Blood. The procession dates back to the 13th century and attracts thousands of spectators each year. Celebrating the Procession of the Holy Blood with locals allows you to witness this ancient tradition and experience the spiritual significance it holds for the people of Bruges.

  • Religious Heritage: The Procession of the Holy Blood is deeply rooted in Bruges’ religious history. The procession carries the relic of the Holy Blood, believed to be a vial containing a drop of Christ’s blood.
  • Participants dressed in historical costumes reenact biblical scenes, depicting events from the Old and New Testaments. The procession is a solemn and sacred event, reflecting the religious devotion of the people of Bruges.

  • Elaborate Costumes and Floats: The procession features elaborate costumes and intricately designed floats, each representing a different biblical story or theme. Skilled craftsmen spend months creating these stunning visual displays.
  • As the procession moves through the streets of Bruges, spectators can admire the craftsmanship and attention to detail in the costumes and floats. The visual spectacle adds to the overall impact of the religious procession.

  • Community Participation: The Procession of the Holy Blood is a community-driven event, with locals actively participating as actors, musicians, and volunteers. The procession brings together people from different backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity.
  • By joining the locals in celebrating this religious tradition, visitors can experience the strong community spirit and witness the collective effort that goes into organizing such a significant event.

7. Dour Festival

The Dour Festival is an annual music festival held in the town of Dour, Belgium. Known for its eclectic lineup and alternative music genres, the festival attracts a diverse crowd of music lovers. Celebrating the Dour Festival with locals allows you to experience the vibrant energy and underground music scene that the festival embodies.

  • Alternative Music: The Dour Festival showcases a wide range of alternative music genres, including rock, hip-hop, electronic, reggae, and more. The lineup features both established artists and emerging talents.
  • From headlining acts to hidden gems, the festival offers a platform for artists from various genres, contributing to its unique and diverse atmosphere. Exploring the different stages allows attendees to discover new sounds and immerse themselves in the underground music scene.

  • Artistic Installations: The festival grounds are adorned with artistic installations, creating a visually striking environment. From large-scale sculptures to interactive art displays, these installations add an extra layer of creativity to the festival experience.
  • Visitors can explore the art installations, taking in the imaginative and thought-provoking creations. The fusion of music and art creates a multi-sensory experience that stimulates both the auditory and visual senses.

  • International Community: The Dour Festival attracts a diverse international community, with attendees coming from different parts of the world. The festival’s inclusive atmosphere promotes cultural exchange and a sense of unity.
  • Interacting with locals and fellow festival-goers allows visitors to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for music and artistic expression. The international community adds a global perspective to the festival, enriching the overall experience.

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Celebrating global festivals with locals in Belgium offers a unique and immersive experience that allows you to delve into the country’s rich cultural heritage. From the Brussels Flower Carpet Festival to the Carnival of Binche, Ghent Festival, Tomorrowland, and many more, Belgium’s festivals provide a captivating blend of traditions, music, art, and gastronomy. By participating in these festivals, you can witness the vibrant celebrations, interact with locals, and create lasting memories. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere, explore the diverse offerings, and embrace the warmth of Belgian hospitality.


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