Celebrating Global Festivals With Locals In Guam - Answers & Video

Celebrating Global Festivals With Locals In Guam

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Celebrating Global Festivals with Locals in Guam

Guam, the westernmost territory of the United States, is a vibrant island in the Pacific Ocean known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse community. The island offers a unique opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the local culture, especially during the various global festivals celebrated throughout the year. From traditional Chamorro festivities to international events, Guam provides a truly unforgettable experience. This article will explore some of the most popular global festivals in Guam and how you can celebrate them with the locals.

Fiesta San Diego

Fiesta San Diego is a lively festival held annually in April to celebrate the patron saint of Tumon, San Diego de Alcala. This festival showcases the vibrant Chamorro culture through traditional dances, music, and food. The festivities typically start with a procession, where the statue of San Diego de Alcala is carried through the streets of Tumon. Locals and visitors alike can join in the parade, wearing traditional Chamorro attire and enjoying the lively atmosphere. The festival also features cultural performances, arts and crafts exhibitions, and delicious Chamorro cuisine, providing a truly immersive experience for everyone.

  • Traditional Dances: Experience the beauty of Chamorro dance performances, which often include the iconic Sångan Chamorro dance and other traditional dances that showcase the island’s rich cultural heritage.
  • Music: Listen to the enchanting sounds of traditional Chamorro music, including the rhythmic beats of the belembaotuyan, a traditional bamboo instrument.
  • Food: Indulge in a variety of Chamorro delicacies, such as kelaguen (marinated meat or seafood), red rice, and kadon pika (spicy chicken stew).
  • Arts and Crafts: Explore the vibrant arts and crafts exhibitions, where local artisans showcase their traditional skills in weaving, carving, and pottery.

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Pacific Islands Club Guam International Beach Volleyball Festival

The Pacific Islands Club Guam International Beach Volleyball Festival is a thrilling sports event held every year in June. This festival attracts professional beach volleyball players from around the world to compete on the stunning beaches of Guam. Visitors can join in the excitement by watching the intense matches and cheering for their favorite teams. The festival also offers various activities for spectators, including beach parties, live music performances, and beachside barbecues.

  • Beach Volleyball Tournaments: Witness world-class beach volleyball players showcasing their skills and competing for the championship title.
  • Beach Parties: Join the lively beach parties featuring live music, DJs, and dance performances, creating a festive atmosphere.
  • Beachside Barbecues: Indulge in delicious grilled seafood and meat while enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery.
  • Water Sports: Take part in various water sports activities, such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and paddleboarding, to fully experience the island’s pristine beaches.

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Guam Live International Music Festival

The Guam Live International Music Festival is an annual event held in August that brings together local and international musicians for a weekend of live performances. The festival showcases a diverse range of musical genres, including pop, rock, reggae, and traditional Chamorro music. Visitors can enjoy the energetic atmosphere, dance to the rhythm of the music, and discover new artists from Guam and beyond. The Guam Live International Music Festival is a celebration of music and cultural exchange that attracts music lovers from all over the world.

  • Live Performances: Experience the electrifying performances of renowned artists and discover talented local musicians.
  • Music Workshops: Attend interactive workshops conducted by musicians and learn about various musical styles and techniques.
  • Food and Beverage Stalls: Explore the food and beverage stalls offering a wide range of local and international cuisines, as well as refreshing drinks.
  • Art Installations: Admire the creative art installations that add a visual dimension to the festival and showcase the local art scene.

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Tumon Bay Music Festival

The Tumon Bay Music Festival is a popular event held annually in November, attracting music enthusiasts from Guam and beyond. This festival features a diverse lineup of local and international musicians performing across various genres, including jazz, classical, and contemporary music. The event takes place in the picturesque Tumon Bay area, providing a stunning backdrop for the performances. Visitors can relax on the beach while enjoying the melodic tunes or join in the festivities by participating in jam sessions and workshops.

  • Musical Performances: Immerse yourself in the enchanting melodies of talented musicians from different genres and appreciate the diversity of musical expressions.
  • Jam Sessions: Join fellow music lovers in spontaneous jam sessions and showcase your own musical talents.
  • Workshops: Attend music workshops conducted by renowned musicians and learn new techniques or instruments.
  • Scenic Beach Setting: Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Tumon Bay while listening to captivating music, creating a truly memorable experience.


Celebrating global festivals with locals in Guam offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the vibrant culture of the island. From traditional Chamorro festivities to international music events, Guam’s festivals showcase the diversity and richness of its community. Whether you choose to dance to traditional Chamorro music, cheer for beach volleyball players, or enjoy live performances by talented musicians, participating in these festivals allows you to create unforgettable memories and forge connections with the local community.


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