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Cost Of Living In Bermuda: A Detailed Breakdown For Digital Nomads

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Cost of Living in Bermuda: A Detailed Breakdown for Digital Nomads

Bermuda, a stunning island paradise located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is a dream destination for many digital nomads seeking a unique and vibrant place to live and work remotely. However, before making the decision to relocate to Bermuda, it is essential to understand the cost of living on the island. In this comprehensive article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Bermuda, covering various aspects such as accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment, and more. By the end of this article, you will have a clear understanding of what it takes to sustain a comfortable lifestyle as a digital nomad in Bermuda.


  • Rental Apartments: Bermuda offers a range of rental apartments suitable for digital nomads. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in a central location is around $2,500.
  • Shared Accommodation: Sharing accommodation with other digital nomads can significantly reduce costs. The average monthly rent for a room in a shared apartment is approximately $1,200.
  • Luxury Villas: For those seeking a more luxurious experience, Bermuda offers stunning villas for rent. Prices can vary significantly depending on location, amenities, and size, but expect to pay around $5,000 to $10,000 per month.


  • Public Transportation: Bermuda has an efficient public bus and ferry system that connects the main tourist areas. A single bus ride costs $3, while a ferry ride costs $5. Weekly and monthly passes are also available for frequent travelers.
  • Taxis and Rideshares: Taxis are readily available in Bermuda, but they can be expensive. The initial fare is around $6, with an additional $2.75 per mile. Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are not available on the island.
  • Car Rentals: Renting a car in Bermuda is possible but can be quite expensive. Daily rental rates start at around $75, and you will also need to consider the cost of gas and parking.


  • Groceries: The cost of groceries in Bermuda is generally higher compared to other countries. A weekly grocery bill for a single person can range from $100 to $150, depending on dietary preferences and shopping habits.
  • Restaurants: Dining out in Bermuda can be a delightful experience, but it comes at a higher price. A meal for one at a mid-range restaurant can cost anywhere between $25 to $50, while a three-course meal for two at a high-end restaurant can exceed $150.
  • Street Food and Local Markets: For more budget-friendly options, exploring street food and local markets is recommended. You can find delicious local dishes at affordable prices, with meals ranging from $10 to $20.


  • Museums and Attractions: Bermuda is rich in history and culture, offering various museums and attractions to explore. Admission fees to museums typically range from $10 to $20 per person.
  • Outdoor Activities: From stunning beaches to world-class golf courses, Bermuda offers a plethora of outdoor activities. Prices for activities like snorkeling, kayaking, and golfing can range from $50 to $200, depending on the experience and duration.
  • Nightlife: Bermuda has a vibrant nightlife scene, with numerous bars and clubs to enjoy. Drinks at bars can range from $8 to $15, while cover charges for clubs can vary from $10 to $30.


  • Basic Medical Services: Bermuda has a high standard of healthcare, but it can be costly for non-residents. Consultations with general practitioners typically start at $150, and additional fees may apply for tests and medications.
  • Health Insurance: It is essential to have comprehensive health insurance while living in Bermuda. The cost of health insurance varies depending on your age, coverage, and pre-existing conditions, but expect to pay around $300 to $500 per month.
  • Emergency Services: In case of emergencies, Bermuda has well-equipped hospitals and emergency services. However, it is important to note that emergency medical expenses can be substantial.


  • Electricity: The average monthly electricity bill in Bermuda for a small apartment is around $100 to $150. However, usage habits and the size of the property can significantly affect this cost.
  • Internet: Internet service providers in Bermuda offer reliable and high-speed internet connections. The average monthly cost for internet services is approximately $100.
  • Water: Water bills in Bermuda are relatively low, with an average monthly cost of around $50 to $75.


  • Public Schools: Bermuda has a well-regarded public education system. Public schools are free for residents, but non-residents may need to pay tuition fees.
  • Private Schools: Private schools in Bermuda offer excellent education but come with a hefty price tag. Tuition fees for private schools can range from $10,000 to $30,000 per year.
  • Tertiary Education: Bermuda does not have its own university, but there are opportunities for higher education through online courses or studying abroad.


Living as a digital nomad in Bermuda can be a truly remarkable experience, but it is essential to be aware of the cost of living on the island. From accommodation to transportation, food, entertainment, healthcare, utilities, and education, each aspect comes with its own price tag. By understanding and budgeting for these expenses, digital nomads can comfortably enjoy all that Bermuda has to offer. Keep in mind that prices may vary depending on personal preferences, lifestyle choices, and the current economic climate.


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