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Cost Of Living In Cambodia: A Detailed Breakdown For Digital Nomads

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Cost of Living in Cambodia: A Detailed Breakdown for Digital Nomads

Cambodia, a Southeast Asian country known for its rich history and stunning landscapes, has become an attractive destination for digital nomads seeking an affordable cost of living without compromising on quality of life. In this article, we will provide a detailed breakdown of the cost of living in Cambodia, covering various aspects such as accommodation, transportation, food, entertainment, and more.


  • Monthly Rent: Renting an apartment in Cambodia can be quite affordable, especially in cities like Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. On average, a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can cost around $300 to $500 per month.
  • Utilities: Basic utilities including electricity, water, and internet can add up to around $50 to $100 per month.
  • Shared Accommodation: For those on a tighter budget, shared accommodation options such as guesthouses or hostels are available. Prices can range from $5 to $20 per night.


  • Tuk-tuks: Tuk-tuks are a popular mode of transportation in Cambodia, especially for short distances within cities. A typical tuk-tuk ride can cost around $1 to $3.
  • Motorbike Rental: Renting a motorbike is a convenient way to explore Cambodia. Daily rental prices can range from $5 to $15, depending on the type of motorbike.
  • Public Transportation: Public buses and shared vans are available for longer journeys between cities. Prices vary depending on the distance, but a bus ticket from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap can cost around $10 to $15.


  • Local Street Food: Cambodia offers a wide variety of delicious street food options at affordable prices. A meal from a street food vendor can cost as little as $1 to $3.
  • Local Restaurants: Dining at local restaurants is also budget-friendly, with prices ranging from $3 to $10 for a meal.
  • Western Cuisine: If you prefer Western cuisine, prices at international restaurants can range from $5 to $20 per meal.


  • Local Markets: Shopping at local markets is the most economical way to buy groceries in Cambodia. Fresh produce, meat, and other essentials can be purchased at very affordable prices.
  • Supermarkets: Supermarkets like Lucky Supermarket and Aeon Mall offer a wider range of imported products at slightly higher prices compared to local markets.


  • Cinema: Going to the movies in Cambodia is relatively inexpensive, with ticket prices ranging from $3 to $6.
  • Nightlife: Enjoying the nightlife in Cambodia won’t break the bank. Drinks at local bars and clubs can cost as little as $1 to $3.
  • Outdoor Activities: Exploring Cambodia’s natural beauty is a must. Visiting attractions like Angkor Wat or relaxing on the beaches can cost around $20 to $30 per day.


  • Hospitals and Clinics: Cambodia has a range of healthcare facilities, from public hospitals to private clinics. Consultation fees can range from $10 to $30.
  • Health Insurance: It is recommended for digital nomads to have health insurance coverage while staying in Cambodia. Prices vary depending on the coverage and provider.


  • Language Schools: Cambodia offers language schools where you can learn Khmer or other languages. Prices for language courses can range from $5 to $15 per hour.
  • International Schools: For expat families, international schools are available with tuition fees ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 per year.


  • Crime: Cambodia is generally a safe country, but it’s always advisable to take precautions like avoiding isolated areas at night and keeping valuables secure.
  • Emergency Services: In case of emergencies, Cambodia has a reliable emergency hotline (ambulance, police, and fire) accessible by dialing 117.

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Overall, Cambodia offers a relatively low cost of living compared to many other countries, making it an attractive destination for digital nomads. With affordable accommodation options, budget-friendly food, and a range of entertainment and cultural activities, Cambodia provides a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle for those seeking a unique experience in Southeast Asia.

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