Eating Out In Monaco: Recommendations For Every Meal - Answers & Video

Eating Out In Monaco: Recommendations For Every Meal

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Eating Out in Monaco: Recommendations for Every Meal

Monaco is a glamorous and luxurious destination known for its stunning coastline and world-class dining options. From Michelin-starred restaurants to charming cafes, this city-state offers a diverse culinary scene that caters to all tastes. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner, a quick bite, or a leisurely brunch, Monaco has something to satisfy every craving. In this article, we will explore the top recommendations for every meal in Monaco, ensuring that your dining experience in this enchanting city is truly unforgettable.


Start your day in Monaco with a delightful breakfast at one of the city’s charming cafes. These establishments offer a range of options, from traditional French pastries to hearty Mediterranean dishes. Here are some must-try breakfast spots:

  • Le Petit Bar: Indulge in freshly baked croissants and pastries while enjoying breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. This cozy cafe is a favorite among locals and tourists alike.
  • La Condamine Market: Explore this bustling market and grab a quick breakfast from one of the many stalls offering fresh fruits, juices, and local delicacies.
  • L’Intempo: Treat yourself to a lavish breakfast buffet at this elegant restaurant located in the heart of Monaco. From made-to-order omelets to freshly squeezed juices, L’Intempo has it all.


For a satisfying midday meal, Monaco offers a plethora of options ranging from casual eateries to upscale restaurants. Here are some recommendations for a memorable lunch:

  • Le Castelroc: Enjoy a leisurely lunch on the terrace of this charming restaurant, overlooking the Prince’s Palace. Indulge in Mediterranean specialties such as grilled fish, seafood pasta, and refreshing salads.
  • Café de Paris Monte-Carlo: This iconic brasserie is a must-visit for lunch in Monaco. Savor classic French dishes like steak frites and escargots while soaking in the vibrant atmosphere of Casino Square.
  • Maya Bay: If you’re in the mood for Asian cuisine, head to Maya Bay for a delightful lunch. This trendy restaurant offers a fusion of Thai and Japanese flavors, with dishes like sushi rolls, pad Thai, and green curry.

Afternoon Tea

Indulge in a quintessential British tradition by enjoying a luxurious afternoon tea in Monaco. These elegant establishments offer a selection of teas, finger sandwiches, and delectable pastries. Here are some top choices for afternoon tea:

  • Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo: Experience the epitome of elegance at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo. Their afternoon tea service features a variety of teas, scones with clotted cream and jam, and a delightful assortment of pastries.
  • Le Café de Paris: This renowned café offers a delightful afternoon tea experience in a sophisticated setting. Sip on a cup of tea while enjoying a selection of sandwiches, pastries, and macarons.
  • Hotel Metropole Monte-Carlo: Treat yourself to an opulent afternoon tea at this luxurious hotel. Their tea menu includes a wide range of options, accompanied by delicate sandwiches and exquisite desserts.

Pre-Dinner Drinks

Before indulging in a sumptuous dinner, Monaco offers a vibrant bar scene where you can enjoy pre-dinner drinks and soak in the glamorous atmosphere. Here are some recommended spots:

  • Blue Gin: Located at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel, Blue Gin offers stunning panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Sip on creative cocktails crafted by expert mixologists while enjoying live music.
  • Twiga Monte Carlo: This trendy lounge bar is the perfect place to start your evening. With its chic ambiance and extensive cocktail menu, Twiga Monte Carlo guarantees a memorable pre-dinner experience.
  • La Rascasse: Known for its lively atmosphere and prime location in the heart of Monaco, La Rascasse is a popular spot for pre-dinner drinks. Enjoy a refreshing cocktail or a glass of champagne while mingling with fellow visitors.


When it comes to dinner in Monaco, prepare to be spoiled for choice. The city boasts an array of world-class restaurants offering diverse cuisines and impeccable service. Here are some top recommendations for a memorable dinner:

  • Le Louis XV – Alain Ducasse: This three-Michelin-starred restaurant is a culinary gem in Monaco. Indulge in exquisite French cuisine crafted by renowned chef Alain Ducasse, accompanied by an extensive wine list.
  • Joël Robuchon Monte-Carlo: Joël Robuchon’s eponymous restaurant in Monaco is a must-visit for food enthusiasts. With its elegant decor and exceptional dishes, this two-Michelin-starred establishment promises an unforgettable dining experience.
  • Le Vistamar: Located at the Hôtel Hermitage Monte-Carlo, Le Vistamar offers panoramic views of the harbor and delectable Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients, including seafood and seasonal produce.

Late-Night Eateries

If you find yourself craving a late-night snack or meal, Monaco has several options that cater to night owls. These establishments offer a range of cuisines and are perfect for satisfying those midnight cravings:

  • Stars’n’Bars: This American-style sports bar is a favorite among locals and tourists alike. Open until late, Stars’n’Bars serves up classic comfort food such as burgers, wings, and nachos.
  • McCarthy’s Pub: If you’re looking for a cozy Irish pub experience, head to McCarthy’s Pub. Open until the early hours of the morning, this lively establishment offers pub grub and a wide selection of beers.
  • Le Bar Américain: Located at the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo, Le Bar Américain is a glamorous spot for late-night dining. Indulge in a selection of gourmet snacks and creative cocktails in a sophisticated setting.


Monaco’s culinary scene offers a feast for the senses, with a variety of dining options to suit every palate and occasion. From elegant fine dining establishments to cozy cafes and late-night eateries, this city-state has it all. Whether you’re visiting Monaco for a romantic getaway or a business trip, exploring the local cuisine is an essential part of the experience. So, indulge in the flavors of Monaco and savor every bite!

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