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Eating Out In Myanmar: Recommendations For Every Meal

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Eating Out in Myanmar: Recommendations for Every Meal

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a country in Southeast Asia with a rich culinary heritage. Burmese cuisine is a fusion of flavors and influences from neighboring countries like India, China, and Thailand. From street food stalls to fine dining restaurants, Myanmar offers a variety of dining options for every meal. In this article, we will explore some of the best places to eat in Myanmar, ranging from traditional Burmese dishes to international cuisines.

Traditional Burmese Breakfast

Start your day in Myanmar with a traditional Burmese breakfast. Many locals enjoy a hearty bowl of Mohinga, which is considered the national dish of Myanmar. Mohinga is a flavorful fish soup served with rice noodles, crispy fritters, and a variety of toppings like boiled eggs, coriander, and lime. Other popular breakfast options include Mont Hin Gar, a fish and coconut noodle soup, and Shan Noodles, a dish made with rice noodles, pork, and vegetables.

  • Mohinga: A flavorful fish soup with rice noodles, crispy fritters, and various toppings.
  • Mont Hin Gar: A fish and coconut noodle soup.
  • Shan Noodles: Rice noodles with pork and vegetables.

Street Food Delights

When it comes to street food, Myanmar has a vibrant culinary scene. Exploring the local street food stalls is a must for any food lover. Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar, is famous for its street food markets like 19th Street in Chinatown and Bogyoke Aung San Market. Here you can find a wide variety of dishes such as grilled skewers, samosas, tea leaf salads, and mohinga served in small bowls. Don’t miss trying out the flavorful Burmese curries and the popular street snack, Laphet Thoke, a salad made with fermented tea leaves.

  • Grilled Skewers: Various types of meat and vegetables grilled on skewers.
  • Samosas: Deep-fried pastries filled with savory fillings.
  • Tea Leaf Salad (Laphet Thoke): A salad made with fermented tea leaves.
  • Burmese Curries: Flavorful curries with meat or vegetables.

International Cuisine in Yangon

If you’re craving international flavors, Yangon offers a range of restaurants serving cuisines from around the world. In the expat-friendly areas like Bahan and Dagon, you can find restaurants specializing in Thai, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and Western cuisines. Whether you’re in the mood for sushi, pizza, or a spicy curry, Yangon has it all.

  • Thai Cuisine: Enjoy authentic Thai dishes like Pad Thai and Green Curry.
  • Indian Cuisine: Savor aromatic Indian curries, biryanis, and naan bread.
  • Chinese Cuisine: Indulge in dim sum, Peking duck, and stir-fried noodles.
  • Japanese Cuisine: Try fresh sushi, sashimi, and ramen.
  • Italian Cuisine: Delight in pasta, pizza, and gelato.
  • Western Cuisine: Enjoy classic burgers, steaks, and salads.

Seafood Delicacies in Ngapali Beach

Ngapali Beach, located in Rakhine State, is famous for its pristine beaches and fresh seafood. The beachside restaurants in Ngapali offer a wide selection of seafood dishes, from grilled fish to lobster and prawns. You can enjoy your meal while admiring the breathtaking sunset views over the Bay of Bengal. Don’t forget to try the traditional Rakhine-style fish curry, a spicy and flavorful dish made with local ingredients.

  • Grilled Fish: Freshly caught fish grilled to perfection.
  • Lobster and Prawns: Indulge in succulent lobster and juicy prawns.
  • Rakhine-style Fish Curry: A spicy and flavorful curry made with local ingredients.

Fine Dining in Mandalay

Mandalay, the cultural capital of Myanmar, is home to some excellent fine dining restaurants. If you’re looking for an upscale dining experience, Mandalay has a few options to choose from. These restaurants offer a fusion of Burmese and international cuisines, prepared with high-quality ingredients and presented beautifully. From rooftop restaurants with panoramic views to elegant dining rooms, Mandalay’s fine dining scene is worth exploring.

  • Myanmar Fusion Cuisine: Experience a blend of traditional Burmese flavors with modern cooking techniques.
  • International Cuisine: Enjoy a range of international dishes prepared to perfection.
  • Fine Wine and Cocktails: Pair your meal with a selection of fine wines or creative cocktails.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

For vegetarians and vegans, Myanmar offers a variety of plant-based dishes. Many traditional Burmese dishes can be easily adapted to suit a vegetarian or vegan diet. Look out for dishes like Shan Tofu, a tofu-based dish similar to Burmese curry, and a wide selection of vegetable stir-fries and salads. In major cities like Yangon and Mandalay, you can also find vegetarian and vegan restaurants serving international cuisines with plant-based alternatives.

  • Shan Tofu: A tofu-based dish similar to Burmese curry.
  • Vegetable Stir-fries: Fresh vegetables cooked with aromatic spices.
  • Vegetarian Salads: Colorful and refreshing salads made with local produce.
  • Plant-based Alternatives: Enjoy international cuisines with vegetarian or vegan options.

Tea Houses and Snacks

Tea houses are an integral part of Myanmar’s food culture. These traditional establishments serve not only tea but also a variety of snacks and small dishes. Tea houses are great places to relax, socialize, and enjoy a cup of Burmese tea along with a selection of snacks like samosas, steamed buns, and sweet pastries. Don’t forget to try the local favorite, Burmese milk tea, which is a sweet and creamy tea served with condensed milk.

  • Burmese Tea: Enjoy a cup of Burmese tea, either plain or with condensed milk.
  • Samosas: Deep-fried pastries filled with savory fillings.
  • Steamed Buns: Soft and fluffy buns filled with various ingredients.
  • Sweet Pastries: Delight in a variety of sweet treats and pastries.

Unique Culinary Experiences

Myanmar offers some unique culinary experiences that are worth exploring. In Bagan, you can take part in a traditional cooking class and learn how to prepare authentic Burmese dishes using fresh ingredients and traditional techniques. In Inle Lake, you can visit floating gardens and enjoy a meal on a floating restaurant while admiring the scenic beauty of the lake. These experiences provide a deeper understanding of Burmese cuisine and culture.

  • Traditional Cooking Class: Learn how to prepare authentic Burmese dishes.
  • Floating Restaurants: Enjoy a meal on a floating restaurant in Inle Lake.
  • Exploring Local Markets: Visit local markets to discover fresh ingredients and local produce.

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Local Delicacies in Mandalay

Mandalay is known for its unique local delicacies. One such delicacy is Mandalay Mee Shay, a dish made with thick wheat noodles, pork, and a rich broth. Another must-try is Mandalay Monti, a traditional dessert made with glutinous rice, jaggery, and coconut. Mandalay is also famous for its street food scene, with vendors selling delicious snacks like fried tofu, grilled fish, and spicy salads.

  • Mandalay Mee Shay: Thick wheat noodles with pork and a rich broth.
  • Mandalay Monti: Glutinous rice dessert with jaggery and coconut.
  • Fried Tofu: Crispy tofu served with a dipping sauce.
  • Grilled Fish: Freshly grilled fish with aromatic spices.
  • Spicy Salads: Flavorful salads with a kick of spice.

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Exploring Traditional Shan Cuisine

The Shan State in Myanmar is known for its unique cuisine. Shan cuisine is characterized by its use of fresh vegetables, herbs, and aromatic spices. One of the most popular Shan dishes is Shan-style rice noodles, which are served with a flavorful sauce made with tomatoes, peanuts, and spices. Other Shan specialties include Shan-style tofu, Shan-style fish curry, and Shan-style salads. Don’t miss the opportunity to try these authentic Shan dishes when visiting Myanmar.

  • Shan-style Rice Noodles: Rice noodles with a flavorful tomato and peanut sauce.
  • Shan-style Tofu: Tofu cooked in Shan-style sauce.
  • Shan-style Fish Curry: Fish curry with Shan-style spices.
  • Shan-style Salads: Fresh and flavorful salads with Shan-style dressing.

Beachside Dining in Ngwe Saung

Ngwe Saung Beach is another popular beach destination in Myanmar, known for its pristine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. The beachside restaurants in Ngwe Saung offer a relaxed and picturesque dining experience. Enjoy fresh seafood, grilled meats, and refreshing cocktails while watching the waves roll in. Don’t forget to try the traditional Burmese-style barbecued seafood, which is marinated in flavorful spices and grilled to perfection.

  • Fresh Seafood: Indulge in a variety of fresh seafood dishes.
  • Grilled Meats: Enjoy tender and flavorful grilled meats.
  • Refreshing Cocktails: Sip on tropical cocktails as you relax by the beach.
  • Burmese-style Barbecued Seafood: Flavorful seafood marinated in spices and grilled.

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Myanmar offers a diverse and exciting culinary scene, with something to satisfy every palate. From traditional Burmese dishes to international cuisines, street food delights to fine dining experiences, Myanmar has it all. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant street food markets of Yangon, enjoying fresh seafood by the beach, or indulging in a fine dining experience in Mandalay, you’re sure to be delighted by the flavors and aromas of Myanmar’s cuisine. So, pack your appetite and get ready to embark on a culinary adventure in Myanmar.


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