Eating Out In Papua New Guinea: Recommendations For Every Meal - Answers & Video

Eating Out In Papua New Guinea: Recommendations For Every Meal

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Eating Out in Papua New Guinea: Recommendations for Every Meal

Papua New Guinea is a country known for its diverse culture and stunning natural landscapes. When it comes to dining, Papua New Guinea offers a variety of options that cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you are looking for traditional local cuisine or international flavors, there are plenty of restaurants, cafes, and street food stalls to explore. In this article, we will provide recommendations for every meal in Papua New Guinea, ensuring you have a memorable culinary experience during your visit.


  • Local Delights: Start your day with a traditional Papua New Guinean breakfast. Try dishes like mumu (pit-cooked meat and vegetables), sago (starch extracted from palm stems), or taro pancakes.
  • International Fare: If you prefer a familiar breakfast, head to one of the many hotels or cafes that offer continental breakfast options. Enjoy freshly baked pastries, cereals, fruits, and eggs cooked to your liking.
  • Recommended Restaurant: Sunrise Cafe – located in the heart of Port Moresby, this cozy cafe offers a mix of local and international breakfast dishes. Don’t miss their delicious PNG-style omelets.

Mid-Morning Snack

  • Fresh Fruits: Take advantage of the tropical climate and indulge in a variety of fresh fruits available in Papua New Guinea. Try delicious pineapples, mangoes, papayas, and bananas.
  • Street Food: Explore local markets and street food stalls for a quick snack. Sample skewered meats, fried bananas, or coconut-based snacks.
  • Recommended Snack Spot: Port Moresby Craft Market – this vibrant market offers a wide selection of fresh fruits and local snacks. Enjoy the bustling atmosphere and try some unique flavors.


  • Traditional Cuisine: Experience the rich flavors of Papua New Guinean cuisine for lunch. Try dishes like kokoda (marinated fish in lime juice and coconut cream), mumu (pit-cooked meat and vegetables), or rourou (taro leaves cooked in coconut milk).
  • Seafood Delights: Being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Papua New Guinea is a seafood lover’s paradise. Enjoy fresh fish, prawns, lobsters, and crabs prepared in various styles.
  • Recommended Restaurant: Rainforest Cafe – located in Port Moresby, this restaurant offers a unique dining experience in a lush rainforest setting. Indulge in their seafood platter featuring the finest local catches.

Afternoon Tea

  • Tea and Scones: Enjoy a traditional afternoon tea experience with a Papua New Guinean twist. Savor freshly brewed tea accompanied by warm scones served with local fruit jams.
  • Local Snacks: Sample a variety of local snacks during your afternoon tea break. Try bilum bread (sweet coconut bread), cassava chips, or betel nut sweets.
  • Recommended Tea House: High Tea Gardens – located in Port Moresby, this charming tea house offers a selection of teas and delectable Papua New Guinean snacks. Relax in their beautiful garden setting.


  • International Cuisine: Explore the diverse culinary scene in Papua New Guinea by trying international cuisines. Choose from Italian, Chinese, Indian, or Japanese restaurants for a delightful dinner experience.
  • Grilled Meats: Papua New Guinea is known for its delicious grilled meats. Enjoy flavorsome barbecue dishes featuring chicken, beef, or pork marinated in local spices.
  • Recommended Restaurant: The Cosmopolitan – situated in Port Moresby, this upscale restaurant offers a wide range of international dishes. Their grilled meat platter is a must-try.

Evening Treat

  • Local Desserts: Indulge in traditional Papua New Guinean desserts to end your day on a sweet note. Try desserts like bubur sagu (sago pudding), banana fritters, or coconut cakes.
  • Ice Cream: Cool down with a scoop of refreshing ice cream. Many cafes and dessert parlors offer a variety of flavors to choose from.
  • Recommended Dessert Spot: Kokoda Track Cafe – located in Port Moresby, this cozy cafe serves a range of mouthwatering desserts inspired by Papua New Guinean flavors. Don’t miss their homemade sago pudding.

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Evening Entertainment

  • Cultural Shows: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Papua New Guinea by attending a traditional dance or music performance. Experience the energy and rhythm of local performers.
  • Night Markets: Visit night markets to explore local crafts, artwork, and souvenirs. Enjoy live music and sample a variety of street food options.
  • Recommended Entertainment Venue: National Cultural Center – located in Port Moresby, this cultural center hosts regular performances showcasing the diversity of Papua New Guinean culture.



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Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea offers a diverse and exciting culinary experience for visitors. From traditional dishes to international cuisines, there is something to suit every palate. Explore the local markets, try street food, and indulge in the flavors of this beautiful country. With the recommendations provided in this article, you are sure to have a memorable dining experience in Papua New Guinea.

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