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Emergency Services: What To Know While In Czech Republic

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Emergency Services: What to Know While in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country located in Central Europe. Known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, it attracts millions of tourists every year. While exploring this enchanting destination, it’s important to be aware of the emergency services available to ensure your safety and well-being. This article will guide you through the essential information about emergency services in the Czech Republic.

Police Services

  • Emergency Number (Police): 158
  • The Czech Republic has a well-organized police force that ensures the safety and security of its citizens and visitors. In case of any emergency requiring police assistance, dial 158. The operators are trained to handle various situations and will dispatch officers to your location if necessary.

  • Non-Emergency Number (Police): 158
  • If you require non-emergency police assistance or need to report a minor incident, you can also dial 158. The non-emergency line is useful for situations that do not pose an immediate threat to life or property but still require police intervention.

  • Language Barrier: English is not widely spoken among police officers in the Czech Republic. It is advisable to have a translation app or a local contact who can assist you in communicating your situation effectively.

Medical Services

  • Emergency Number (Ambulance): 155
  • If you or someone around you requires urgent medical attention, dial 155 to request an ambulance. The emergency medical services in the Czech Republic are well-equipped to handle a wide range of medical emergencies and provide immediate assistance.

  • Non-Emergency Medical Assistance: 112
  • For non-emergency medical assistance, you can dial 112, the universal emergency number in the European Union. The operators will connect you to the appropriate medical services based on your location and requirements.

  • Hospitals and Clinics: The Czech Republic has a comprehensive healthcare system with modern hospitals and clinics. In major cities like Prague and Brno, you can find internationally accredited medical facilities with English-speaking staff.
  • Medical Insurance: It is highly recommended to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers medical expenses while you are in the Czech Republic. Ensure that your insurance policy includes emergency medical evacuation, as well as coverage for any pre-existing conditions.

Fire and Rescue Services

  • Emergency Number (Fire and Rescue): 150
  • In the event of a fire, explosion, or any other life-threatening situation requiring immediate assistance, dial 150 to contact the fire and rescue services. The highly trained firefighters and rescue personnel will respond promptly to ensure your safety and minimize property damage.

  • Non-Emergency Fire and Rescue Assistance: 150
  • If you need to report a non-emergency situation, such as a fire hazard or request general information about fire safety, you can also contact the fire and rescue services at 150.

  • Fire Safety Precautions: It’s important to familiarize yourself with fire safety precautions, especially when staying in accommodations or visiting crowded places. Take note of emergency exits, fire extinguisher locations, and follow any instructions provided by the property or event organizers.

Mountain Rescue Services

  • Emergency Number (Mountain Rescue): 1210
  • If you plan to explore the Czech Republic’s picturesque mountains and engage in outdoor activities such as hiking or skiing, it’s crucial to be aware of the mountain rescue services. Dial 1210 in case of any emergency or if you require assistance while in mountainous regions.

  • Mountain Safety: Before embarking on any mountain adventure, ensure you are well-prepared with appropriate gear, including sturdy footwear, warm clothing, and navigational tools. Familiarize yourself with the local weather conditions, trails, and regulations to minimize the risk of accidents or getting lost.

Transportation Services

  • Emergency Number (Road Assistance): 1230
  • If you experience a breakdown or encounter any problems with your vehicle while traveling in the Czech Republic, you can call 1230 for road assistance. They will provide support or arrange for a tow truck if necessary.

  • Public Transportation: The Czech Republic has an extensive public transportation network, including buses, trams, and trains. In case of any emergencies or safety concerns while using public transport, contact the appropriate authorities, such as the transport company or the police.
  • Taxi Services: When using taxi services, it is recommended to choose licensed and reputable companies. Look for official taxi stands or use reliable ride-sharing apps to ensure your safety and avoid potential scams.

Tourist Assistance

  • Tourist Information Centers: The Czech Republic has numerous tourist information centers located in major cities and tourist destinations. These centers provide valuable assistance, maps, brochures, and guidance for tourists in multiple languages.
  • Embassies and Consulates: If you encounter any serious legal issues, loss of passport, or require consular assistance, contact your country’s embassy or consulate in the Czech Republic. They can provide guidance and support during difficult situations.
  • Language Assistance: English is commonly spoken in tourist areas, hotels, and restaurants. However, it is advisable to have a basic understanding of common Czech phrases or carry a pocket language guide to facilitate communication with locals.

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Exploring the Czech Republic is an exciting experience, but it’s essential to be prepared for any unexpected situations. Familiarizing yourself with the emergency services and knowing how to contact them can ensure your safety and provide peace of mind during your visit. Remember to stay vigilant, follow safety guidelines, and enjoy all that this captivating country has to offer.

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Czech Republic


  • Czech Police: www.policie.cz
  • Czech Ministry of Health: www.mzcr.cz
  • Czech Fire and Rescue Service: www.hzscr.cz
  • Czech Mountain Rescue Service: www.horskaprehledka.cz
  • Czech Ministry of Transport: www.mdcr.cz
  • Czech Tourism Authority: www.czechtourism.com

Image – Czech Republic

Czech Republic

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