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Emergency Services: What To Know While In Guadeloupe

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Emergency Services: What to Know While in Guadeloupe

Guadeloupe, an archipelago located in the Caribbean Sea, is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. While enjoying your time in Guadeloupe, it’s essential to be aware of the available emergency services and how to access them. This article will guide you through the various emergency services in Guadeloupe and provide you with the necessary information to ensure your safety and well-being during your visit.

Medical Services

When it comes to medical emergencies in Guadeloupe, there are several options available for immediate assistance. The healthcare system in Guadeloupe is well-developed, with hospitals, clinics, and medical centers located throughout the islands. In case of a medical emergency, you can call the emergency hotline at 15 or head to the nearest hospital.

  • Hospitals: Guadeloupe has several hospitals equipped with modern facilities and staffed by trained medical professionals. Some of the prominent hospitals include the University Hospital of Pointe-à-Pitre and the Hospital Center of Basse-Terre.
  • Clinics: There are also numerous private clinics in Guadeloupe that offer a wide range of medical services, including general consultations, specialized treatments, and emergency care.
  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies are readily available throughout Guadeloupe, and you can find both prescription and over-the-counter medications. In case of minor ailments or non-emergency medical needs, pharmacists can provide advice and recommend appropriate treatments.

Police and Law Enforcement

Guadeloupe has a dedicated police force responsible for maintaining law and order throughout the islands. In case of any criminal activity or emergency requiring police intervention, you can contact the police by dialing the emergency hotline at 17.

  • Police Stations: Police stations are located in various towns and cities across Guadeloupe. These stations serve as local points of contact for reporting crimes, seeking assistance, or providing information related to public safety.
  • Gendarmerie: The Gendarmerie Nationale is also present in Guadeloupe and works in collaboration with the local police force. They handle a wide range of law enforcement matters, including general security, traffic control, and criminal investigations.

Fire and Rescue Services

In the event of a fire or any other emergency requiring rescue services, Guadeloupe has a well-equipped fire department that operates throughout the islands. The emergency hotline for fire and rescue services is 18.

  • Fire Stations: Fire stations are strategically located across Guadeloupe to ensure prompt response in case of emergencies. These stations are equipped with trained firefighters and specialized equipment to handle various situations, including fires, accidents, and natural disasters.
  • Emergency Response: The fire and rescue services in Guadeloupe are well-coordinated with other emergency services, such as medical services and law enforcement. They work together to provide swift and effective assistance during emergencies.

Coast Guard and Maritime Emergencies

With its stunning coastline and numerous water activities, Guadeloupe also has dedicated services to handle maritime emergencies. The Coast Guard is responsible for maritime law enforcement, search and rescue operations, and ensuring the safety of boaters and swimmers.

  • Coast Guard: The Coast Guard in Guadeloupe operates under the French Navy and is responsible for patrolling the coastal waters, enforcing maritime laws, and conducting rescue missions at sea.
  • Maritime Assistance: In case of a maritime emergency, such as a boating accident or a swimmer in distress, you can contact the Coast Guard by dialing the emergency hotline at 196.

Natural Disasters

Being located in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is susceptible to natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms. It’s crucial to stay informed and prepared in case of any potential natural disasters during your visit.

  • National Weather Service: The National Weather Service in Guadeloupe provides regular updates and forecasts regarding weather conditions, including severe weather alerts. Stay tuned to local news channels or access reliable weather websites for the latest information.
  • Evacuation Procedures: Familiarize yourself with the evacuation procedures provided by your accommodation or local authorities. Follow their instructions in case of an evacuation order to ensure your safety.
  • Emergency Supplies: It’s advisable to have an emergency kit ready, including essentials such as non-perishable food, water, flashlights, batteries, and a first aid kit.

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Tourist Assistance and Information

Guadeloupe offers various tourist assistance services to ensure visitors have a pleasant and safe experience throughout their stay.

  • Tourist Information Centers: Tourist information centers are located in popular tourist areas, such as Pointe-à-Pitre and Basse-Terre. These centers provide maps, brochures, and valuable information about attractions, accommodations, and local customs.
  • Embassies and Consulates: If you require assistance from your country’s embassy or consulate, Guadeloupe has several diplomatic missions representing various nations. It’s advisable to keep the contact information of your embassy or consulate handy.

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Emergency Hotlines

To ensure immediate assistance during emergencies, it’s essential to be aware of the emergency hotlines in Guadeloupe.

  • Medical Emergencies: Dial 15 for medical emergencies.
  • Police and Law Enforcement: Dial 17 for police assistance.
  • Fire and Rescue Services: Dial 18 for fire and rescue services.
  • Maritime Emergencies: Dial 196 for maritime emergencies.

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By familiarizing yourself with the available emergency services and following the necessary precautions, you can ensure your safety and well-being while exploring the beautiful islands of Guadeloupe. Remember to stay informed, be prepared, and enjoy your time in this tropical paradise.


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