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Emergency Services: What To Know While In Singapore

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Emergency Services: What to Know While in Singapore

Singapore, known for its vibrant cityscape and thriving economy, is also equipped with efficient and reliable emergency services. Whether you are a resident or a visitor, it is important to familiarize yourself with the emergency services available in Singapore. This article will provide detailed information about the various emergency services in Singapore, including the police, ambulance, fire, and other essential services.

Police Services

The Singapore Police Force (SPF) is responsible for maintaining law and order in Singapore. They provide round-the-clock service to ensure the safety and security of residents and visitors. The SPF has several divisions, including the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Traffic Police, and Special Operations Command (SOC).

  • Emergency Hotline: In case of emergencies requiring immediate police assistance, dial 999.
  • Non-Emergency Hotline: For non-urgent matters or general enquiries, you can contact the police at 1800-255-0000.
  • Reporting a Crime: If you need to report a crime that is not an emergency, you can visit any Neighbourhood Police Centre or Post, or make an online report through the SPF website.
  • Neighbourhood Police Centres: Singapore is divided into several policing sectors, each with its own Neighbourhood Police Centre. These centres serve as a point of contact for residents and provide community policing services.

Ambulance Services

Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is responsible for providing ambulance services in Singapore. They operate a fleet of well-equipped ambulances staffed by trained paramedics. The SCDF ambulance services are available 24/7 to respond to medical emergencies.

  • Emergency Ambulance: In case of a medical emergency, dial 995 for an ambulance.
  • Non-Emergency Ambulance: For non-urgent medical transportation, you can contact private ambulance services or book through the SCDF’s Non-Emergency Ambulance Service (NEAS).
  • NEAS Hotline: The NEAS hotline can be reached at 1777 for non-emergency ambulance bookings.
  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS): The SCDF’s EMS provides pre-hospital care and medical assistance during emergencies. They are equipped to handle a wide range of medical conditions and emergencies.

Fire Services

The SCDF is also responsible for firefighting and rescue operations in Singapore. They have a highly trained force of firefighters and specialized equipment to handle various types of emergencies, including fires, hazardous materials incidents, and rescue operations.

  • Emergency Hotline: In case of a fire or any other emergency requiring the fire services, dial 995.
  • Fire Safety & Emergency Preparedness: The SCDF conducts regular fire safety inspections and provides public education on fire safety and emergency preparedness. They also offer courses and workshops on fire safety.
  • Fire Stations: Singapore has several fire stations strategically located across the island. These stations serve as operational bases for the SCDF and are equipped with firefighting and rescue equipment.
  • Fire Permits: If you are planning to organize an event involving fire or pyrotechnics, you may need to obtain a fire permit from the SCDF.

Other Essential Services

In addition to the police, ambulance, and fire services, there are other essential services that play a crucial role in emergency situations in Singapore.

  • Emergency Medical Services (EMS): Besides the SCDF’s EMS, there are private ambulance services available in Singapore. These services cater to non-emergency medical transportation needs.
  • Utilities Emergency: In case of utility emergencies such as gas leaks, water disruptions, or electrical faults, you can contact the relevant utility providers. For example, SP Group handles gas leaks, PUB manages water disruptions, and SP PowerGrid manages electrical faults.
  • Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) Hotline: For general enquiries or non-urgent matters related to SCDF, you can contact their hotline at 1800-286-6666.
  • Non-Emergency Police Assistance: If you require non-emergency police assistance or need to report a minor incident, you can visit any Neighbourhood Police Centre or Post.

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Being aware of the emergency services available in Singapore is essential for everyone’s safety and well-being. In case of any emergency, knowing the appropriate hotline to call and understanding the services provided by each agency can help ensure a prompt and effective response. Remember to stay calm, provide accurate information, and follow the instructions given by the emergency services personnel.

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