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Essential Apps And Tools For Nomads In Liechtenstein

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Liechtenstein, a small landlocked country in Central Europe, is a popular destination for digital nomads seeking a unique and picturesque location to work and live. With its stunning landscapes, low crime rate, and favorable tax policies, Liechtenstein offers an ideal environment for remote workers. To enhance the nomadic lifestyle, there are several essential apps and tools that can assist in various aspects of everyday life. In this article, we will explore these apps and tools, providing detailed information on their functionalities and benefits.


Finding suitable accommodation is crucial for nomads settling in Liechtenstein. The following apps and tools can help in this regard:

  • Airbnb: Airbnb is a popular platform that connects travelers with locals offering accommodations. It provides a wide range of options, including apartments, guesthouses, and private rooms, allowing nomads to find a comfortable place to stay during their time in Liechtenstein.
  • Another reliable platform for finding accommodation is It offers a vast selection of hotels, hostels, and vacation rentals, enabling nomads to explore different options based on their preferences and budget.
  • HomeToGo: HomeToGo is a comprehensive search engine for vacation rentals. It aggregates listings from various platforms, making it easier for nomads to compare prices and amenities before making a booking.


Getting around in Liechtenstein and exploring its neighboring regions requires efficient transportation. The following apps and tools can assist nomads in navigating the country:

  • Google Maps: Google Maps is a reliable and widely-used navigation app that offers detailed maps, real-time traffic updates, and directions. It can help nomads find the best routes and modes of transportation within Liechtenstein.
  • Moovit: Moovit is a public transit app that provides accurate information about bus and train schedules, routes, and real-time arrivals. It is particularly useful for nomads relying on public transportation for their daily commute or exploring nearby towns.
  • Uber: Uber is a popular ridesharing platform that operates in select cities in Liechtenstein. It offers a convenient and reliable option for nomads to request rides and travel comfortably within the country.


Staying connected with clients, colleagues, and loved ones is essential for nomads. The following apps and tools can facilitate seamless communication in Liechtenstein:

  • Slack: Slack is a widely-used messaging platform that allows teams to collaborate, share files, and communicate in real-time. Nomads can use Slack to stay connected with their remote teams and streamline work-related discussions.
  • Skype: Skype is a popular video calling app that enables high-quality video and audio conversations. Nomads can use Skype to conduct virtual meetings, interviews, or simply stay in touch with family and friends.
  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp is a messaging app that offers free text messaging, voice calls, and video calls. It is widely used and can be a convenient tool for nomads to communicate with both local contacts and international connections.


Maintaining productivity while working remotely is crucial for nomads. The following apps and tools can help in managing tasks, organizing schedules, and staying focused:

  • Trello: Trello is a versatile project management tool that allows individuals and teams to create boards, lists, and cards to track tasks and projects. It offers a visual interface that simplifies workflow management for nomads.
  • Evernote: Evernote is a note-taking app that helps nomads capture ideas, make to-do lists, and organize important information. It syncs across devices, ensuring that notes are accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Pomodoro Timer: The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that breaks work into intervals, typically 25 minutes, separated by short breaks. Various Pomodoro Timer apps can help nomads implement this technique and enhance their focus and productivity.


Managing finances effectively is crucial for nomads. The following apps and tools can assist in budgeting, expense tracking, and currency conversion:

  • Expensify: Expensify is an expense management app that simplifies the process of tracking and submitting expenses. Nomads can use Expensify to scan receipts, categorize expenses, and generate reports for reimbursement or tax purposes.
  • XE Currency: XE Currency is a reliable currency conversion app that provides up-to-date exchange rates. It can help nomads quickly convert currencies and make informed financial decisions while traveling or dealing with international clients.
  • Mint: Mint is a popular personal finance app that allows nomads to track their income, expenses, and budgets. It provides a comprehensive overview of financial health and helps in managing money effectively.

Health and Well-being

Taking care of physical and mental well-being is essential for nomads. The following apps and tools can support a healthy lifestyle in Liechtenstein:

  • Headspace: Headspace is a meditation and mindfulness app that offers guided meditation sessions and techniques for stress reduction. Nomads can use Headspace to relax, improve focus, and practice mindfulness amidst their busy schedules.
  • Fitbod: Fitbod is a fitness app that provides personalized workout plans based on individual goals, fitness levels, and available equipment. Nomads can use Fitbod to stay active and maintain a regular exercise routine while in Liechtenstein.
  • Doctor On Demand: Doctor On Demand is a telemedicine app that allows nomads to consult with licensed doctors via video calls. It can be a convenient option for non-emergency medical consultations and prescriptions, especially when access to local healthcare might be limited.

Socializing and Networking

Meeting like-minded individuals and expanding professional networks is important for nomads. The following apps and tools can facilitate socializing and networking opportunities in Liechtenstein:

  • Meetup: Meetup is a platform that connects people with similar interests and organizes local events and gatherings. Nomads can join relevant Meetup groups in Liechtenstein to meet new people, attend social events, and engage in activities of their interest.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a professional networking platform that allows nomads to connect with industry professionals, showcase their skills and experience, and explore job opportunities. It can be a valuable tool for building professional relationships while in Liechtenstein.
  • Internations: Internations is a global expat community that organizes events and provides a platform for expatriates to connect and socialize. Nomads can join the local Internations community in Liechtenstein to meet fellow expats and establish a supportive network.

Language Learning

Learning the local language can enhance the nomadic experience in Liechtenstein. The following apps and tools can aid in language learning:

  • Duolingo: Duolingo is a popular language learning app that offers interactive lessons and exercises for various languages. Nomads can utilize Duolingo to learn German, the official language of Liechtenstein, and improve their communication skills.
  • Babbel: Babbel is another language learning platform that provides comprehensive courses for different proficiency levels. It focuses on practical conversation skills and can be beneficial for nomads looking to communicate effectively in German.
  • HiNative: HiNative is a language learning and cultural exchange app that allows users to ask questions and get answers from native speakers. Nomads can utilize HiNative to clarify language doubts, learn local customs, and gain insights into Liechtenstein’s culture.

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Liechtenstein offers an inviting environment for digital nomads, and with the help of essential apps and tools, their nomadic lifestyle can be enhanced. From finding suitable accommodations and navigating the country to maintaining productivity and managing finances, these apps and tools cater to various aspects of a nomad’s life. Additionally, apps for communication, health and well-being, socializing, language learning, and more ensure that nomads can enjoy a well-rounded experience while living and working in Liechtenstein.


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