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Exploring Local Arts And Hobbies In United Arab Emirates

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Exploring Local Arts and Hobbies in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a vibrant country that offers a wide range of arts and hobbies for both locals and tourists to explore. From traditional crafts to contemporary art galleries, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In this article, we will delve into the various arts and hobbies that you can discover in the UAE.

Traditional Crafts

  • Handmade Carpets: Carpets have been an integral part of Emirati culture for centuries. Visit the Carpet Souk in Dubai or the Central Market in Abu Dhabi to witness the intricate craftsmanship and vibrant designs.
  • Carpet weaving in the UAE is a traditional craft that has been passed down through generations. The carpets are made using high-quality materials and feature intricate patterns and motifs. Each carpet tells a unique story and reflects the rich cultural heritage of the UAE.

  • Pottery: Pottery making is another traditional craft that is deeply rooted in Emirati culture. Explore the pottery markets in Al Ain or Sharjah to witness the skilled potters at work and browse through a wide selection of beautifully crafted pottery items.
  • Emirati pottery is known for its unique designs and vibrant colors. The potters use traditional techniques to create functional and decorative pieces such as vases, bowls, and plates. Many of these items are adorned with intricate patterns inspired by nature and local traditions.

  • Emirati Jewelry: Emirati jewelry is renowned for its intricate designs and exquisite craftsmanship. Visit the Gold Souk in Dubai or the Jewelry Souk in Abu Dhabi to explore a wide range of traditional and contemporary jewelry pieces.
  • Emirati jewelry often incorporates elements of Islamic art and culture. From intricately designed gold necklaces and bracelets to stunning pearl earrings, the jewelry reflects the elegance and beauty of Emirati traditions.

Contemporary Art Galleries

  • Alserkal Avenue: Located in Dubai, Alserkal Avenue is a vibrant arts district that is home to numerous contemporary art galleries, studios, and creative spaces.
  • Alserkal Avenue is a hub for local and international artists, showcasing a diverse range of contemporary art forms including painting, sculpture, photography, and multimedia installations. The galleries regularly host exhibitions, workshops, and artist talks, providing a platform for artistic expression and dialogue.

  • Warehouse421: Situated in Abu Dhabi, Warehouse421 is a contemporary arts and culture center that promotes local and regional artists.
  • Warehouse421 features a variety of exhibitions, performances, and workshops that highlight the creativity and talent of Emirati and Arab artists. The center also hosts cultural events and educational programs, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of contemporary art in the UAE.

  • Tashkeel: Tashkeel is an art studio and gallery located in Dubai, dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging artists.
  • Tashkeel offers artists a platform to showcase their work through exhibitions, residencies, and workshops. The gallery features a wide range of artistic disciplines, including painting, sculpture, printmaking, and digital art. It also provides opportunities for artists to network and collaborate with their peers.

Traditional Music and Dance

  • Liwa Festival: The Liwa Festival, held annually in the Liwa Oasis, celebrates traditional Emirati music and dance.
  • The festival features performances by local musicians, showcasing traditional instruments such as the oud and the tabla. Visitors can also witness traditional Emirati dance forms like the Ayala and the Harbiya, which are accompanied by rhythmic drumming and chanting.

  • Al-Majlis Al-Ilmi: Al-Majlis Al-Ilmi is a cultural program organized by the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, featuring lectures, discussions, and performances related to traditional Emirati music.
  • The program offers a platform for musicians, scholars, and enthusiasts to explore and preserve the rich musical heritage of the UAE. It also provides an opportunity for visitors to learn about the cultural significance of Emirati music and its role in shaping the identity of the nation.

Calligraphy and Islamic Art

  • Sharjah Calligraphy Museum: The Sharjah Calligraphy Museum is dedicated to the art of Arabic calligraphy.
  • The museum showcases a vast collection of calligraphic works, ranging from ancient manuscripts to contemporary pieces. Visitors can explore the intricate beauty of Arabic script and learn about the history and techniques of calligraphy.

  • Dubai Islamic Arts Museum: The Dubai Islamic Arts Museum is a treasure trove of Islamic art from around the world.
  • The museum houses a diverse collection of artifacts, including calligraphic works, ceramics, textiles, and metalwork. Visitors can admire the intricate craftsmanship and explore the rich artistic traditions of the Islamic world.


  • Emirates Photography Competition: The Emirates Photography Competition is an annual event that celebrates the art of photography in the UAE.
  • The competition provides a platform for photographers of all levels to showcase their talent and creativity. It covers various genres of photography, including landscape, portrait, and documentary. The event also includes exhibitions and workshops, offering opportunities for photographers to learn and connect with the photography community.

  • Photography Tours: Several tour operators in the UAE offer photography tours that allow enthusiasts to capture the country’s stunning landscapes and architectural marvels.
  • These tours provide guidance and insights from professional photographers, helping participants improve their skills and create memorable images. Whether it’s capturing the towering skyscrapers of Dubai or the serene desert landscapes, photography tours offer a unique way to explore the UAE through the lens.

Image 1: United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Exploring Nature

  • Hatta Mountains: The Hatta Mountains, located in the Hajar Mountains range, offer breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor recreational activities.
  • Visitors can go hiking, mountain biking, or simply enjoy a picnic amidst the stunning mountain scenery. The area is also known for its wadis (dry riverbeds) and natural pools, providing opportunities for swimming and relaxation.

  • Jebel Jais: Jebel Jais is the highest peak in the UAE, located in the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.
  • Adventure enthusiasts can experience the exhilarating Jebel Jais Flight, the world’s longest zipline, which offers panoramic views of the rugged mountain landscape. Jebel Jais also offers hiking trails, camping sites, and opportunities for stargazing.

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United Arab Emirates

Exploring Local Cuisine

  • Emirati Cuisine: Indulge in the flavors of Emirati cuisine, which is a fusion of Arabian, Persian, and Indian influences.
  • Try traditional dishes such as Machbous (spiced rice with meat or fish), Harees (slow-cooked wheat and meat), and Luqaimat (sweet dumplings). Many restaurants in the UAE offer Emirati cuisine, providing an opportunity to savor the authentic flavors of the region.

  • Global Gastronomy: The UAE is a melting pot of cultures, and its culinary scene reflects this diversity.
  • Explore international cuisines in the vibrant food districts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, where you can find everything from Lebanese and Indian to Japanese and Italian. The UAE’s cosmopolitan cities offer a wide range of dining options to satisfy every palate.

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United Arab Emirates


The United Arab Emirates is a treasure trove of arts and hobbies, offering a rich tapestry of traditional and contemporary experiences. From exploring traditional crafts and contemporary art galleries to immersing in the vibrant music and dance traditions, the UAE provides a diverse range of cultural pursuits. Whether you’re interested in calligraphy, photography, or outdoor adventures, the UAE has something to offer for every art and hobby enthusiast.


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