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Getting Around: Transportation Tips For Dubai

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Getting Around: Transportation Tips for Dubai

Dubai, known for its stunning skyscrapers, luxurious shopping malls, and vibrant culture, is a city that offers a wide range of transportation options to help you explore its wonders. From taxis and metro trains to buses and water taxis, Dubai has a well-developed transportation system that ensures convenience and accessibility for both residents and tourists. In this article, we will guide you through the various transportation options available in Dubai, providing you with useful tips to navigate the city efficiently.


Taxis are a popular and convenient mode of transportation in Dubai. The city has both government-regulated and private taxi services. The government-regulated taxis are easily recognizable with their cream-colored bodies and red roofs, while private taxis come in various colors. Taxis can be hailed from the roadside, found at designated taxi stands, or booked through mobile apps. Here are some key points to keep in mind when using taxis in Dubai:

  • Flagfall: Taxis in Dubai have a flagfall charge, which is the starting fare displayed on the meter as soon as you board the taxi.
  • Metered Fare: The fare is calculated based on the distance traveled and time taken. Make sure the taxi driver starts the meter at the beginning of the journey.
  • Tipping: While tipping is not mandatory, it is customary to round up the fare or add a small tip as a token of appreciation for the service.
  • Peak Hours: During peak hours, especially in the morning and evening rush, taxis may be in high demand. It is advisable to allow extra time for your journey.


Dubai Metro is a modern and efficient transportation system that connects various parts of the city. It consists of two lines: the Red Line and the Green Line. The metro stations are conveniently located near major attractions, business districts, and residential areas. Here are some important things to know about using the Dubai Metro:

  • Nol Card: To travel on the Dubai Metro, you need to purchase a Nol Card, which is a smart card that can be used for multiple modes of transportation in Dubai. The card can be topped up with credit and is tapped on the card reader at the entrance and exit gates of the metro stations.
  • Women and Children Carriages: The Dubai Metro has dedicated carriages exclusively for women and children. Male passengers are not allowed to enter these carriages during specific hours.
  • Operating Hours: The metro operates from around 5:30 am until midnight on weekdays, and from 10:00 am until midnight on Fridays. Please check the specific timings for the Red Line and Green Line, as they may vary slightly.
  • Fares: The fare for the Dubai Metro is based on the number of zones traveled. The Nol Card is tapped both at the entrance and exit gates, and the fare is automatically deducted based on the distance traveled.


Dubai’s bus network is extensive and covers almost every part of the city. Buses are a cost-effective mode of transportation and provide an opportunity to explore Dubai’s neighborhoods and attractions. Here are some tips for using the bus system:

  • Bus Stops: Bus stops are marked with signboards displaying the bus numbers and routes. Look for the bus stop closest to your location and wait for the bus.
  • Nol Card: The Nol Card can also be used to pay for bus fares. Simply tap the card on the card reader when boarding the bus.
  • Bus Routes: Dubai’s bus system covers a wide range of routes. You can find detailed information about bus routes, timings, and frequencies on the official website of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).
  • Bus Timings: Buses in Dubai generally operate from around 5:00 am until midnight. However, some routes have extended operating hours, especially during weekends and public holidays.

Water Taxis

If you wish to explore Dubai from a unique perspective, taking a water taxi, also known as an abra, is a great option. Abras are traditional wooden boats that operate along Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. Here’s what you need to know about water taxis:

  • Routes: Water taxis operate on fixed routes, connecting various points along Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina. You can board an abra from designated stations.
  • Fares: The fare for a water taxi ride is very affordable. You can pay the fare in cash directly to the boat operator.
  • Operating Hours: Water taxis generally operate from early morning until midnight. However, the operating hours may vary depending on the route and weather conditions.
  • Scenic Views: Taking a water taxi offers stunning views of Dubai’s skyline and waterfront. It is a picturesque way to travel and explore the city.


Dubai offers a diverse range of transportation options to suit every traveler’s needs. Whether you prefer the convenience of taxis, the efficiency of the metro, the affordability of buses, or the charm of water taxis, Dubai’s transportation system ensures that you can navigate the city comfortably. Remember to plan your journeys in advance, allow for traffic during peak hours, and familiarize yourself with the various payment methods available. With these transportation tips, you can explore all that Dubai has to offer with ease and convenience.


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