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Hiring Local Services: Tips For Nomads In Germany

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Hiring Local Services: Tips for Nomads in Germany

Germany, known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, is a popular destination for digital nomads. As a nomad in Germany, finding and hiring local services can enhance your experience and make your stay more convenient. Whether you need assistance with transportation, accommodation, or other essential services, this article provides valuable tips to help you navigate the process effectively.

Transportation Services

When it comes to transportation in Germany, there are several options available to nomads. Here are some essential services to consider:

  • Taxi Services: Taxis are widely available in major cities and can be hailed on the street or booked through mobile apps like MyTaxi or Uber.
  • Taxis in Germany are known for their reliability and adherence to regulations. They provide a convenient and comfortable mode of transportation, especially for short distances.

  • Rideshare Services: Rideshare platforms like BlaBlaCar and FlixBus offer affordable and flexible transportation options for nomads traveling within Germany.
  • These services allow you to share rides with other travelers, reducing costs and providing an opportunity to meet new people along the way.

  • Public Transportation: Germany has an extensive public transportation network, including trains, trams, and buses.
  • Using public transportation is not only cost-effective but also environmentally friendly. Nomads can purchase regional or national tickets to explore different parts of the country.

Accommodation Services

Finding suitable accommodation is crucial for nomads settling in Germany. Consider the following services:

  • Apartment Rentals: Platforms like Airbnb, WG-Gesucht, and ImmobilienScout24 offer a wide range of apartments for short-term and long-term rentals.
  • These platforms provide detailed listings, allowing you to find an accommodation option that suits your preferences and budget.

  • Hostels and Guesthouses: Hostels and guesthouses are popular choices for budget-conscious nomads or those looking for a social environment.
  • Germany has a vast network of hostels and guesthouses, especially in major cities and tourist destinations.

  • Hotels: For a more luxurious stay, Germany offers a variety of hotels catering to different budgets and preferences.
  • Booking platforms like Booking.com and Expedia can help you find the perfect hotel for your needs.

Food and Dining Services

Germany is renowned for its delicious cuisine, and nomads can explore various food and dining services to experience the local flavors:

  • Restaurants and Cafés: Germany boasts a diverse culinary scene with numerous restaurants and cafés serving traditional German dishes and international cuisines.
  • From cozy family-owned eateries to Michelin-starred establishments, there is something to suit every taste.

  • Street Food Markets: Street food markets are a great way to sample local delicacies and experience the vibrant food culture in Germany.
  • Cities like Berlin and Munich have bustling street food markets where you can indulge in a variety of dishes from different cuisines.

  • Supermarkets and Farmers Markets: For nomads who prefer to cook their meals, Germany has well-stocked supermarkets and regular farmers markets.
  • Shopping at local markets allows you to purchase fresh produce and support local farmers.

Healthcare Services

Taking care of your health is essential, even as a nomad. Germany offers reliable healthcare services, including:

  • Health Insurance: As a digital nomad, it’s crucial to have comprehensive health insurance coverage during your stay in Germany.
  • Research and choose a health insurance plan that meets your needs and complies with the country’s requirements.

  • Doctors and Clinics: Germany has a well-developed healthcare system with a network of doctors and clinics.
  • If you need medical assistance, you can visit general practitioners or specialized doctors, depending on your condition.

  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies, known as “Apotheke” in Germany, are readily available throughout the country.
  • You can purchase over-the-counter medications or get prescriptions filled at these establishments.

Banking and Financial Services

Managing your finances efficiently is crucial for nomads. Germany offers various banking and financial services:

  • Bank Accounts: Opening a bank account in Germany is essential for managing your finances.
  • Research different banks and their services to find one that suits your needs, whether it’s a traditional bank or an online bank.

  • ATMs: ATMs are widely available in Germany, allowing you to withdraw cash conveniently.
  • Check for any associated fees and inform your home bank about your travels to avoid any issues with international transactions.

  • Money Transfer Services: If you need to send or receive money internationally, consider using services like TransferWise or PayPal.
  • These platforms offer competitive exchange rates and low fees for transferring funds.

Language Services

While many Germans speak English, learning basic German phrases can be beneficial. Here are some language services to aid your communication:

  • Language Schools: Enrolling in a language school can help you develop your German language skills.
  • Many cities in Germany offer language courses tailored for expatriates and nomads.

  • Language Apps: Language learning apps like Duolingo and Babbel provide interactive ways to learn German on your own.
  • These apps offer lessons, vocabulary exercises, and pronunciation practice.

  • Language Exchange Meetups: Joining language exchange meetups allows you to practice German with native speakers.
  • These meetups provide an opportunity to meet locals and improve your language skills through conversations.

Entertainment and Recreation Services

Germany offers a plethora of entertainment and recreational activities. Consider the following services for a memorable experience:

  • Museums and Galleries: Germany is home to numerous world-class museums and galleries showcasing art, history, and culture.
  • Visit iconic institutions like the Museum Island in Berlin or the Pinakothek museums in Munich.

  • Shopping Malls and Markets: Indulge in retail therapy at Germany’s shopping malls and markets.
  • From luxury brands to local boutiques and flea markets, you’ll find a wide range of shopping options.

  • Nature Parks and Lakes: Germany’s stunning landscapes offer ample opportunities for outdoor activities.
  • Explore national parks, hike scenic trails, or relax by the picturesque lakes.

  • Music and Theater Events: Germany has a vibrant music and theater scene with numerous concerts, operas, and performances.
  • Check local event listings to catch a show or concert during your stay.

  • Beaches and Rivers: Germany may not be known for its beaches, but it has beautiful riverbanks and lakeside spots.
  • Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters or enjoy a leisurely boat ride.


As a nomad in Germany, hiring local services can greatly enhance your experience and make your stay more convenient. From transportation and accommodation to food, healthcare, and entertainment, Germany offers a wide range of services to cater to your needs. By utilizing the tips mentioned in this article, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the local service landscape and make the most of your time in Germany.

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Accommodation Services

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Food and Dining Services

Healthcare Services

Banking and Financial Services

Language Services

Entertainment and Recreation Services


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