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Indulging In Local Cuisine Without Breaking The Bank In Montenegro

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Indulging in Local Cuisine without Breaking the Bank in Montenegro

Montenegro, a stunning country located in Southeast Europe, offers not only breathtaking natural landscapes but also a rich culinary heritage. Exploring the local cuisine is an essential part of any visit to Montenegro, and fortunately, you don’t need to empty your wallet to savor the delicious flavors the country has to offer. In this article, we will guide you through the best ways to indulge in local cuisine without breaking the bank in Montenegro.

Traditional Montenegrin Dishes

To truly experience the local cuisine in Montenegro, start by trying some of the traditional dishes that have been passed down through generations. Here are some must-try dishes:

  • Cevapi: These delicious grilled minced meat sausages are a staple in Montenegrin cuisine. Served with onions, kajmak (a type of clotted cream), and warm bread, cevapi is a satisfying and affordable meal.
  • Njeguski prsut: This smoked ham from the Njegusi region is a delicacy in Montenegro. It is often served as an appetizer with local cheese and olives.
  • Pljeskavica: Similar to a hamburger, pljeskavica is a grilled meat patty made from a mixture of beef and pork. It is typically served with ajvar (a roasted red pepper spread) and fresh vegetables.
  • Pastrmka: Montenegro is known for its delicious freshwater fish, and pastrmka (trout) is a popular choice. Grilled or fried, pastrmka is a flavorful and affordable option.
  • Kacamak: This traditional cornmeal dish is often served as a side dish. Made with cornmeal, cheese, and butter, kacamak is a comforting and budget-friendly option.

Local Markets

One of the best ways to enjoy local cuisine without breaking the bank is by visiting the local markets in Montenegro. These markets offer a wide variety of fresh produce, meats, cheeses, and other local products at affordable prices. Here are some popular markets to explore:

  • Podgorica Green Market: Located in the capital city of Podgorica, this vibrant market is a food lover’s paradise. You’ll find everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to homemade dairy products and traditional Montenegrin delicacies.
  • Kotor Farmers Market: Situated in the picturesque town of Kotor, this market is a great place to sample local cheeses, honey, olive oil, and other regional specialties.
  • Budva City Market: Located in the heart of Budva, this market offers a wide range of fresh produce, seafood, and locally made products. It’s a perfect spot to stock up on ingredients for a homemade Montenegrin feast.

Local Eateries and Taverns

When it comes to dining out in Montenegro, there are plenty of budget-friendly options that serve authentic local cuisine. Skip the touristy restaurants and opt for local eateries and taverns where you can enjoy delicious meals at affordable prices. Here are some recommendations:

  • Kod Pera na Bukovicu: This family-run tavern in Kotor is known for its warm hospitality and traditional Montenegrin dishes. Try their seafood specialties or hearty meat dishes for a truly authentic experience.
  • Taverna Kruso: Located in Budva, this charming tavern offers a cozy atmosphere and a menu filled with local favorites. Don’t miss their grilled fish or lamb dishes.
  • Kafana Stari Grad: Situated in the old town of Podgorica, this traditional restaurant serves up Montenegrin classics such as cevapi, pljeskavica, and hearty stews.

Street Food Delights

For a quick and affordable bite, Montenegro’s street food scene is not to be missed. From savory pastries to grilled meats, you’ll find a variety of delicious street food options throughout the country. Here are some popular choices:

  • Burek: This flaky pastry filled with cheese, meat, or spinach is a beloved street food in Montenegro. Grab a slice for a tasty and budget-friendly snack.
  • Pekes: These grilled meat skewers are a popular street food option. Served with bread and a side of ajvar, pekes make for a satisfying and affordable meal on the go.
  • Krofne: Montenegrin-style donuts, known as krofne, are a sweet treat that you can find at various street food stalls. They come in different flavors and are perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

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Exploring Local Wineries

Montenegro’s wine industry is thriving, and exploring local wineries is not only a great way to taste some excellent wines but also to learn about the country’s winemaking traditions. Many wineries offer affordable wine tastings and tours, allowing you to sample a variety of wines without breaking the bank. Here are a few notable wineries to visit:

  • Plantaže Winery: Located near Podgorica, Plantaže is one of the largest and most renowned wineries in Montenegro. Enjoy a guided tour of their vineyards and cellars, followed by a tasting of their award-winning wines.
  • Savina Winery: Situated in the coastal town of Herceg Novi, Savina Winery is known for its high-quality wines made from local grape varieties. Take a tour of their vineyards and enjoy a tasting overlooking the beautiful Adriatic Sea.
  • 13. Jul Plantaže Winery: This winery, located in the central region of Montenegro, offers a unique wine tasting experience in their underground cellars. Sample their red, white, and rosé wines while learning about the winemaking process.

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Culinary Festivals and Events

Montenegro hosts various culinary festivals and events throughout the year, showcasing the country’s diverse gastronomy. Attending these events is not only a great way to indulge in local cuisine but also to immerse yourself in the vibrant food culture of Montenegro. Here are a few noteworthy festivals:

  • Kotor Food Festival: Held in the picturesque town of Kotor, this festival celebrates the local cuisine with food stalls, cooking demonstrations, and live entertainment.
  • Wine Festival Budva: Taking place in Budva, this annual wine festival brings together winemakers from all over Montenegro. Enjoy wine tastings, traditional food, and live music.
  • Seafood Festival: Held in various coastal towns, the Seafood Festival is a seafood lover’s dream. Sample a variety of fresh seafood dishes prepared by local chefs.

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Indulging in local cuisine without breaking the bank in Montenegro is an achievable goal. By trying traditional dishes, exploring local markets, dining at local eateries and taverns, enjoying street food, visiting wineries, and attending culinary festivals, you can savor the flavors of Montenegro while staying within your budget. So, get ready to embark on a culinary adventure and discover the delicious delights this beautiful country has to offer.


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