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Learning Armenia Language: Quick Tips And Resources

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Learning Armenia Language: Quick Tips and Resources

Armenian, the official language of Armenia, is a fascinating and unique language with a rich history. Whether you’re planning to visit Armenia or simply interested in expanding your linguistic skills, learning Armenian can be a rewarding experience. In this article, we will provide you with quick tips and resources to help you get started on your journey to learning the Armenian language.

Introduction to Armenian Language

Armenian belongs to the Indo-European language family and has its own distinct alphabet, which is one of the oldest alphabets in the world. It is spoken by around 6 million people worldwide, mainly in Armenia and its diaspora communities. Learning Armenian can open up opportunities to connect with Armenian culture, literature, and history.

  • Alphabet: The Armenian alphabet consists of 39 letters, each with a unique sound. Familiarize yourself with the alphabet to lay a strong foundation for learning the language.
  • Pronunciation: Armenian pronunciation may seem challenging at first, but with practice, you can master the sounds. Pay attention to the stress patterns and intonation to improve your spoken Armenian.
  • Grammar: Armenian grammar has its own complexities, including noun declensions, verb conjugations, and sentence structure. Understanding the basics of grammar will help you construct meaningful sentences.
  • Vocabulary: Start building your Armenian vocabulary by learning common words and phrases. Use flashcards or language learning apps to expand your word bank.
  • Listening and Speaking: Practice listening to Armenian conversations, songs, and podcasts to improve your comprehension skills. Engage in conversations with native speakers to enhance your speaking abilities.
  • Reading and Writing: As you progress, challenge yourself to read Armenian texts, newspapers, or books. Practice writing in Armenian to reinforce your knowledge of the alphabet and grammar.

Online Language Learning Platforms

In today’s digital age, numerous online platforms offer resources to learn Armenian conveniently. These platforms provide interactive lessons, exercises, and even virtual tutors to guide you through the learning process. Here are some popular online language learning platforms:

  • Duolingo: Duolingo offers a comprehensive Armenian course that covers vocabulary, grammar, listening, and speaking exercises. The gamified approach makes learning fun and engaging.
  • Babbel: Babbel provides interactive lessons tailored to your learning goals. Their Armenian course focuses on practical communication skills.
  • Transparent Language: Transparent Language offers a wide range of resources, including vocabulary lists, grammar explanations, and cultural insights. Their Armenian course is suitable for beginners and intermediate learners.
  • italki: italki connects language learners with native Armenian speakers for one-on-one tutoring sessions via video chat. This personalized approach helps improve conversational skills.
  • Armenian Virtual College: The Armenian Virtual College offers online courses specifically designed for learning the Armenian language and culture. Their courses cater to different proficiency levels.

Language Exchange Programs

Participating in language exchange programs can provide valuable opportunities to practice Armenian with native speakers. These programs often involve language conversation exchanges, where you can communicate with Armenian speakers who are learning your native language. Here are some popular language exchange platforms:

  • Tandem: Tandem allows you to find language partners worldwide. Connect with Armenian speakers who are learning your language and engage in language exchange sessions.
  • HelloTalk: HelloTalk is a language learning app that connects you with native Armenian speakers. Practice your Armenian skills through voice messages, texts, and video calls.
  • ConversationExchange: ConversationExchange helps you find language partners in your local area or online. Connect with Armenian speakers and schedule language exchange sessions.

Armenian Language Courses and Classes

If you prefer a more structured approach to learning Armenian, enrolling in language courses or classes can be beneficial. These courses are often offered by universities, language institutes, or community centers. Here are some options to consider:

  • University Courses: Many universities offer Armenian language courses as part of their language or cultural studies programs. Check with local universities or explore online course catalogs.
  • Language Institutes: Language institutes specializing in teaching foreign languages often provide Armenian language courses. Research institutes in your area or search for online options.
  • Community Centers: Community centers may offer Armenian language classes for individuals interested in learning the language. Check with local community centers or cultural organizations.

Armenian Language Resources

In addition to online platforms and language courses, various resources can aid your Armenian language learning journey. Here are some resources to explore:

  • Armenian-English Dictionaries: Use Armenian-English dictionaries to expand your vocabulary and improve your translation skills. Online dictionaries like “Armenian Online Dictionary” or “Armenian Dictionary and Phrasebook” can be handy.
  • Language Learning Apps: Apart from the mentioned platforms, language learning apps like Memrise, Pimsleur, and Drops offer Armenian language courses or vocabulary exercises.
  • Armenian Radio and Podcasts: Tune in to Armenian radio stations or listen to Armenian podcasts to improve your listening skills and immerse yourself in the language.
  • Armenian Literature: Explore Armenian literature to deepen your understanding of the language and culture. Start with short stories or novels by Armenian authors.
  • Armenian Language Meetup Groups: Join Armenian language meetup groups in your area or online communities to connect with fellow learners and practice your language skills.


Learning the Armenian language can be a rewarding and enriching experience. From mastering the alphabet to building vocabulary and engaging in conversations, the journey to learning Armenian requires dedication and practice. Utilize the online platforms, language exchange programs, and resources mentioned in this article to enhance your language learning journey. Immerse yourself in the Armenian culture and embrace the beauty of this unique language.


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