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Networking In Greece: Where To Meet Fellow Digital Nomads

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Networking in Greece: Where to Meet Fellow Digital Nomads

Greece is a popular destination for digital nomads due to its stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture. If you’re a digital nomad looking to network and connect with like-minded individuals while in Greece, you’re in luck. This article will guide you through some of the best places to meet fellow digital nomads in Greece.

Co-working Spaces

  • The Cube Athens: Located in the heart of Athens, The Cube offers a collaborative workspace for digital nomads. With a vibrant community and regular networking events, it’s a great place to connect with other professionals.
  • The Cube Athens provides a modern and comfortable environment with high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a café. Whether you’re looking for a dedicated desk or just a place to work for a few hours, The Cube can accommodate your needs.

  • Cocoon Athens: Situated in the trendy neighborhood of Koukaki, Cocoon Athens provides a creative co-working space for digital nomads. The space offers a mix of open-plan desks, private offices, and meeting rooms.
  • Cocoon Athens organizes regular networking events, workshops, and seminars, creating opportunities for digital nomads to connect and collaborate. The vibrant community fosters creativity and innovation.

  • Coworking Thessaloniki: Located in Thessaloniki, Coworking Thessaloniki offers a professional and inspiring environment for digital nomads. The space features flexible workstations, meeting rooms, and a lounge area.
  • With a diverse community of professionals, Coworking Thessaloniki provides ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. The space also hosts events and workshops to facilitate knowledge sharing and skill development.

Networking Events

  • Digital Nomads Greece Meetup: This meetup group organizes regular events for digital nomads in Greece. From casual meetups to workshops and panel discussions, they offer a variety of networking opportunities.
  • Attending these events allows you to connect with fellow digital nomads, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the local community. The events are usually held in major cities like Athens and Thessaloniki.

  • Startup Grind Athens: Startup Grind is a global community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. The Athens chapter organizes monthly events featuring successful entrepreneurs and industry experts.
  • Attending Startup Grind Athens events gives you the chance to network with startup founders, investors, and professionals from various industries. It’s a great platform to learn from experienced individuals and expand your network.

  • Thessaloniki International Fair: The Thessaloniki International Fair is an annual event that brings together businesses, professionals, and entrepreneurs from different sectors. It provides a unique opportunity to network and explore potential collaborations.
  • Attending the fair allows you to meet professionals from various industries, attend seminars and presentations, and discover new business opportunities. It’s a must-visit event for digital nomads in Greece.

Meetup Groups

  • Athens Digital Nomads: This meetup group is specifically tailored for digital nomads in Athens. They organize regular meetups, networking events, and workshops.
  • Joining Athens Digital Nomads allows you to connect with like-minded individuals, share experiences, and explore collaborations. It’s a supportive community that understands the challenges and opportunities of the digital nomad lifestyle.

  • Thessaloniki Digital Nomads: Thessaloniki Digital Nomads is a meetup group for digital nomads in Thessaloniki. They arrange meetups, social events, and skill-sharing sessions.
  • Being part of this group enables you to network with fellow digital nomads, discover local hotspots, and build lasting connections. It’s a great resource for staying connected with the digital nomad community in Thessaloniki.

  • Remote Workers Greece: Remote Workers Greece is a community for remote workers and digital nomads across Greece. They organize meetups, co-working sessions, and skill development workshops.
  • Joining Remote Workers Greece provides you with a platform to connect with remote professionals, attend events, and collaborate on projects. It’s a valuable community for expanding your network and finding support.

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Local Cafes

  • Tailor Made: Located in the heart of Athens, Tailor Made is a popular café among digital nomads. With its cozy ambiance and free Wi-Fi, it attracts freelancers and remote workers.
  • Grab a cup of coffee, find a comfortable spot, and start working. You’ll likely meet other digital nomads and creatives in this vibrant café.

  • La Doze: Situated in Thessaloniki, La Doze is a café known for its relaxed atmosphere and quality coffee. It’s a favorite spot for freelancers and digital nomads looking for a cozy place to work.
  • Enjoy a cup of coffee while working on your projects. Strike up conversations with fellow digital nomads and discover new connections.

  • Porto Café: Located in Chania, Crete, Porto Café offers a stunning view of the harbor. It’s a popular spot for digital nomads seeking inspiration while enjoying a cup of coffee.
  • Take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and connect with other remote workers. Porto Café provides a serene environment for both work and networking.

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Online Communities

  • Remote Greece: Remote Greece is an online community where digital nomads in Greece can connect, share experiences, and seek advice.
  • Join the Remote Greece community to connect with other digital nomads, ask questions, and find local recommendations. It’s a valuable resource for staying connected even when you’re not physically in Greece.

  • Facebook Groups: There are several Facebook groups dedicated to digital nomads in Greece. Examples include “Digital Nomads Athens” and “Digital Nomads Thessaloniki.”
  • Joining these groups allows you to network with other digital nomads, ask for recommendations, and stay updated on local events. It’s a convenient way to connect with the community and find relevant information.

  • Online Forums: Various online forums like Reddit and Nomad List have sections dedicated to Greece. Participate in discussions, ask questions, and connect with fellow digital nomads.
  • Engaging in these online forums provides you with a platform to seek advice, share insights, and connect with other digital nomads who have experienced or are interested in Greece.

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Greece offers a welcoming environment for digital nomads, with numerous opportunities to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether it’s through co-working spaces, networking events, meetup groups, local cafes, or online communities, you’ll find plenty of avenues to meet fellow digital nomads. Embrace the vibrant community, share experiences, and build meaningful connections while exploring the beauty of Greece.



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