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Networking In Guatemala: Where To Meet Fellow Digital Nomads

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Networking in Guatemala: Where to Meet Fellow Digital Nomads

Guatemala is a vibrant country in Central America that offers a diverse range of experiences for digital nomads. From beautiful natural landscapes to bustling cities, Guatemala has something for everyone. If you’re a digital nomad looking to network and connect with like-minded individuals, here are some great places to meet fellow digital nomads in Guatemala.

Co-working Spaces

  • Impact Hub Guatemala City: Located in the heart of Guatemala City, Impact Hub offers a collaborative workspace for digital nomads. With a vibrant community, regular events, and networking opportunities, it’s a great place to connect with other professionals.
  • La Casa del Sol: Situated in Antigua, La Casa del Sol is a co-working space that provides a relaxed and productive environment. It offers various membership options and organizes networking events to foster connections among digital nomads.
  • CoCo Co-working & Café: Found in Quetzaltenango, CoCo Co-working & Café is a popular spot for digital nomads. It combines a comfortable workspace with a café atmosphere, making it a great place to work and meet fellow professionals.

Meetup Groups

  • Guatemala Digital Nomads: This meetup group brings together digital nomads from all over Guatemala. They organize regular meetups, workshops, and social events, providing a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.
  • Antigua Digital Nomads: If you’re in Antigua, this meetup group is perfect for connecting with other digital nomads in the area. They host gatherings at local cafes, co-working spaces, and organize outdoor activities.
  • Guatemala City Entrepreneurs: For digital nomads interested in entrepreneurship, this meetup group in Guatemala City offers a supportive community and networking opportunities with local entrepreneurs.

Online Communities

  • Guatemala Digital Nomads Facebook Group: Joining this active Facebook group allows you to connect with digital nomads in Guatemala, ask questions, and share experiences. It’s a great platform to find networking opportunities and meetups.
  • Digital Nomads Guatemala Slack Channel: The Digital Nomads Guatemala Slack Channel is a virtual space for digital nomads to connect, share resources, and collaborate. It’s a valuable platform to network and seek advice from experienced nomads.
  • Guatemala Expats Forum: While not exclusively for digital nomads, the Guatemala Expats Forum is a helpful online community for expats living in Guatemala. It provides a space to ask questions, seek recommendations, and connect with other expats.

Language Exchange Events

  • InterNations Guatemala City Language Exchange: InterNations organizes language exchange events in Guatemala City, where you can meet locals and other expats. It’s a fantastic opportunity to practice your Spanish skills and build connections.
  • Antigua Language Exchange Meetup: In Antigua, the Language Exchange Meetup brings together people interested in practicing different languages. It’s a fun way to meet new people and expand your network.
  • Guatemala City Polyglots: This language exchange group in Guatemala City welcomes people of all language levels. By attending their events, you can engage in language practice and meet individuals from various backgrounds.

Volunteer Organizations

  • Guatemala Volunteer Network: The Guatemala Volunteer Network connects volunteers with local projects and organizations across the country. By volunteering, you not only contribute to meaningful causes but also have the opportunity to meet fellow volunteers and professionals.
  • Maximo Nivel: Maximo Nivel offers volunteer programs in Guatemala, providing opportunities to work on community development projects. It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals while making a positive impact.
  • Guatemala Human Rights Commission: If you’re interested in human rights and social justice, the Guatemala Human Rights Commission offers volunteer opportunities and internships. Engaging with this organization allows you to connect with passionate individuals working towards positive change.

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Expat Events

  • InterNations Guatemala City Events: InterNations hosts regular events in Guatemala City where you can meet expats and professionals from various industries. It’s a fantastic platform to network, socialize, and make new friends.
  • Antigua Expat Meetup: This meetup group in Antigua brings together expats living in the city. They organize social events, cultural activities, and provide an opportunity to connect with fellow expatriates.
  • Guatemala City International Women’s Club: The International Women’s Club in Guatemala City offers a supportive community for women expats. They organize regular events, luncheons, and interest groups, fostering connections and friendships.

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Local Cafes and Restaurants

  • Café No Sé: Located in Antigua, Café No Sé is a popular spot for digital nomads. It offers a cozy atmosphere, delicious coffee, and often hosts live music events, providing a great opportunity to meet fellow creatives.
  • El Portal del Ángel: Situated in Guatemala City, El Portal del Ángel is a charming café known for its excellent coffee and relaxed ambiance. It’s a favorite gathering spot for locals, expats, and digital nomads alike.
  • Union Café: Found in Quetzaltenango, Union Café is a trendy café that serves delicious food and quality coffee. It’s a popular meeting place for digital nomads and locals, offering a chance to network and socialize.

Networking Events

  • Guatemala Tech Meetup: The Guatemala Tech Meetup is a platform for tech enthusiasts to connect and share ideas. Attending their events allows you to network with professionals in the tech industry and explore new opportunities.
  • Guatemala Entrepreneurs Network: For aspiring entrepreneurs, the Guatemala Entrepreneurs Network hosts events focused on startups and innovation. It’s an excellent opportunity to meet fellow entrepreneurs and gain insights into the local business scene.
  • Guatemala City Chamber of Commerce: The Guatemala City Chamber of Commerce organizes networking events and business seminars. By participating, you can connect with professionals from various industries and expand your network.

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Guatemala offers numerous opportunities for digital nomads to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether through co-working spaces, meetup groups, online communities, language exchange events, volunteer organizations, expat events, local cafes and restaurants, or specific networking events, there are plenty of avenues to meet fellow digital nomads and expand your professional network. Embrace the vibrant culture and welcoming community of Guatemala as you embark on your digital nomad journey.



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