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Networking In Hungary: Where To Meet Fellow Digital Nomads

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Networking in Hungary: Where to Meet Fellow Digital Nomads

Hungary is a vibrant country located in Central Europe, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and warm hospitality. As a digital nomad, networking is crucial for building connections, finding job opportunities, and expanding your professional network. In this article, we will explore various places in Hungary where you can meet fellow digital nomads and engage in meaningful networking activities.


Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is a hub for digital nomads and offers numerous opportunities for networking. Here are some places in Budapest where you can connect with like-minded individuals:

  • Co-working Spaces: Budapest is home to several co-working spaces that cater specifically to digital nomads. These spaces provide a conducive environment for work and networking. Some popular co-working spaces in Budapest include Loffice, Impact Hub Budapest, and Kaptár.
  • Tech Meetups and Events: Budapest hosts a wide range of tech meetups and events, which are perfect for networking with fellow digital nomads. Check out for a list of upcoming events, such as Budapest Tech Meetup, Budapest Digital Nomads, and Budapest Startups.
  • Cafes and Bars: Budapest has a thriving cafe culture, with many establishments offering free Wi-Fi and a relaxed atmosphere. Cafes like Madal Cafe, Fekete, and Espresso Embassy are popular hangouts for digital nomads. Similarly, bars like Szimpla Kert and Instant are known for their vibrant nightlife and provide opportunities to meet fellow professionals.


Debrecen, the second-largest city in Hungary, is another great destination for digital nomads. Here are some networking opportunities in Debrecen:

  • Debrecen Digital Nomads: Join the Debrecen Digital Nomads group on Facebook to connect with other digital nomads in the city. The group organizes meetups and events, providing a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.
  • University Events: Debrecen is home to the University of Debrecen, which hosts various events and conferences throughout the year. These events attract professionals from different fields and present excellent networking opportunities.


Pécs, a picturesque city in southern Hungary, offers a unique blend of history, culture, and opportunities for digital nomads. Here are some places to network in Pécs:

  • Pécs Digital Nomads Facebook Group: Join the Pécs Digital Nomads Facebook group to connect with other digital nomads in the city. The group is a platform for networking, sharing tips, and organizing meetups.
  • Startup Pécs: Startup Pécs is an organization that supports and promotes the local startup ecosystem. They organize events, workshops, and networking sessions, providing opportunities for digital nomads to connect with entrepreneurs and professionals in Pécs.


Győr, a charming city located in western Hungary, is becoming increasingly popular among digital nomads. Here are some networking options in Győr:

  • Győr Digital Nomads Meetup: Keep an eye out for the Győr Digital Nomads Meetup, which is organized periodically. This event brings together digital nomads and remote workers in Győr, offering a platform for networking and knowledge exchange.
  • Coworking Győr: Coworking Győr is a shared workspace in the city that attracts digital nomads and entrepreneurs. The space hosts events and workshops, providing opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Other Cities and Online Communities

Apart from the mentioned cities, there are other places in Hungary where you can meet fellow digital nomads. Some general networking tips include:

  • Online Communities: Join online communities and forums such as Digital Nomad Hungary, Nomad List, and Facebook groups dedicated to digital nomads in Hungary. These platforms allow you to connect with like-minded individuals, ask questions, and find networking opportunities.
  • Attend Events and Conferences: Keep an eye out for events and conferences happening across Hungary. These gatherings attract professionals from various industries and provide excellent opportunities for networking.
  • Utilize Social Media: Leverage social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with professionals, join relevant groups, and engage in discussions.

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Hungary offers a diverse range of opportunities for digital nomads to network and connect with like-minded individuals. Whether you are in Budapest, Debrecen, Pécs, Győr, or any other city, there are numerous co-working spaces, meetups, and online communities to help you build your professional network. By taking advantage of these networking opportunities, you can not only expand your connections but also gain valuable insights and support from fellow digital nomads.


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