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Networking In South Africa: Where To Meet Fellow Digital Nomads

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South Africa is a country known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and diverse wildlife. It has become an attractive destination for digital nomads seeking a unique work-life balance. Networking with fellow digital nomads can be a great way to connect, collaborate, and share experiences. In this article, we will explore some of the best places in South Africa to meet fellow digital nomads.

Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces have gained popularity among digital nomads as they provide a conducive environment for work and networking. Here are some of the top co-working spaces in South Africa:

  • Workshop 17: Located in Cape Town, Workshop 17 offers flexible workspace options, high-speed internet, and a vibrant community of entrepreneurs and freelancers.
  • Workshop 17 is a collaborative space that fosters innovation and creativity. It hosts regular networking events, workshops, and talks, making it an ideal place to connect with like-minded individuals.

  • MESH Club: Situated in Johannesburg, MESH Club is a members-only co-working space that combines work, leisure, and socializing.
  • With its stylish design and luxurious amenities, MESH Club provides a unique environment for networking. It features a bar, restaurant, cinema, and event spaces, creating ample opportunities to meet fellow digital nomads.

  • Open Collaborative Workspace: Located in Durban, Open Collaborative Workspace offers a collaborative and flexible workspace for digital nomads.
  • Open Collaborative Workspace hosts regular networking events, workshops, and seminars, allowing digital nomads to connect and share experiences. It also provides access to mentors and industry experts, fostering professional growth.

Cafes and Restaurants

Cafes and restaurants are popular networking spots for digital nomads. Here are some recommended places to meet fellow digital nomads in South Africa:

  • Origin Coffee Roasting: Situated in Cape Town, Origin Coffee Roasting is known for its excellent coffee and welcoming atmosphere.
  • The cafe provides a cozy environment with communal tables, making it easy to strike up conversations with fellow digital nomads. It also hosts coffee tastings and workshops, creating opportunities for networking.

  • Bean There Coffee Company: Located in Johannesburg, Bean There Coffee Company is South Africa’s first Certified Fairtrade coffee roaster.
  • With its ethical approach to coffee, Bean There attracts a diverse crowd, including digital nomads. The cafe offers a relaxed ambiance and regular cupping sessions, providing a platform for networking and knowledge sharing.

  • Truth Coffee Roasting: Situated in Cape Town, Truth Coffee Roasting is renowned for its steampunk-inspired decor and award-winning coffee.
  • The unique setting of Truth Coffee Roasting sparks conversations among patrons, making it a great place to connect with fellow digital nomads. It also hosts events and live music, creating a vibrant networking atmosphere.

Networking Events

Attending networking events specifically tailored for digital nomads can be an effective way to meet like-minded individuals. Here are some notable networking events in South Africa:

  • Nomad City: Held in Cape Town, Nomad City is an annual conference that brings together digital nomads, entrepreneurs, and remote workers from around the world.
  • The event features keynote speakers, panel discussions, and workshops, providing ample opportunities for networking and learning. Nomad City also organizes social activities, creating a vibrant community atmosphere.

  • Startup Grind: With chapters in various cities across South Africa, Startup Grind is a global community that hosts regular networking events for entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Startup Grind events feature fireside chats with successful founders, networking sessions, and pitch competitions. These events attract a diverse audience, including digital nomads, offering valuable networking opportunities.

  • Meetup: Meetup is a platform that connects people with common interests, and South Africa has a wide range of digital nomad-focused meetup groups.
  • From coding meetups to entrepreneurship gatherings, Meetup provides a diverse array of events where digital nomads can network. Some popular meetup groups include Digital Nomads Cape Town and Johannesburg Digital Nomads.

Social Media Groups and Forums

Social media groups and forums dedicated to digital nomads are valuable platforms for networking and information sharing. Here are some online communities to join:

  • Digital Nomads South Africa Facebook Group: This active Facebook group connects digital nomads in South Africa, allowing them to share advice, recommendations, and job opportunities.
  • Members often organize meetups and events, providing opportunities for face-to-face networking. It is a supportive community for digital nomads looking to connect with others in the same location.

  • Reddit r/digitalnomad: The digital nomad subreddit is a global online community where digital nomads share their experiences, ask questions, and connect with others.
  • Within the subreddit, there are often discussions and threads specific to South Africa, allowing digital nomads to connect and network virtually. It is a valuable resource for information and networking opportunities.

  • Online Forums: Platforms like Digital Nomad Forum and Nomad List have dedicated sections or threads for South Africa.
  • These forums provide a space for digital nomads to connect, ask questions, and share experiences related to South Africa. Engaging in discussions and participating in forum meetups can lead to valuable networking opportunities.

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South Africa

Shared Workspaces

Shared workspaces, also known as coliving spaces, offer digital nomads the opportunity to live and work in a community environment. Here are some notable shared workspaces in South Africa:

  • The Bureaux: Located in Cape Town, The Bureaux provides fully furnished apartments with shared workspaces.
  • Living and working in close proximity to other digital nomads fosters collaboration and networking. The Bureaux also organizes community events and workshops, creating a sense of belonging.

  • The Generator: Situated in Johannesburg, The Generator offers shared apartments and workspaces with a focus on creativity and innovation.
  • With its vibrant atmosphere and regular networking events, The Generator provides an ideal environment for digital nomads to connect and collaborate. It also features amenities like a rooftop bar and swimming pool, enhancing the community experience.

  • The Surf Office: Based in Cape Town, The Surf Office combines work and adventure by offering shared workspaces and surf experiences.
  • Living and working with fellow digital nomads who share a passion for surfing creates a unique bonding opportunity. The Surf Office organizes surf sessions and social events, facilitating networking and creating lasting connections.

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South Africa

Professional Networking Organizations

Professional networking organizations provide a platform for digital nomads to connect with professionals from various industries. Here are some organizations to consider joining in South Africa:

  • Business Network International (BNI): BNI is a global networking organization with chapters across South Africa.
  • Joining a local BNI chapter allows digital nomads to attend regular networking meetings and build relationships with professionals in their respective fields. BNI also offers training and support for business growth.

  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Each major city in South Africa has its own Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
  • Becoming a member of the local chamber provides access to networking events, business resources, and industry-specific knowledge. It is an excellent opportunity to connect with professionals and expand your network.

  • Industry-Specific Associations: Depending on your profession or industry, there may be specific associations or organizations to join.
  • These associations often host events, conferences, and workshops, enabling digital nomads to network with professionals in their field. Examples include the Marketing Association of South Africa and the South African Freelancers’ Association.

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South Africa


South Africa offers a vibrant and diverse networking scene for digital nomads. Whether it’s co-working spaces, cafes, networking events, online communities, shared workspaces, or professional networking organizations, there are numerous opportunities to connect with fellow digital nomads and professionals. By actively engaging in these networking avenues, digital nomads can build meaningful relationships, collaborate on projects, and gain valuable insights into the local business landscape.


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