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Setting Up Shop In Guadeloupe: A Digital Nomad’s Workspace Guide

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Setting Up Shop in Guadeloupe: A Digital Nomad’s Workspace Guide

Guadeloupe, an archipelago located in the Caribbean, offers a unique and picturesque environment for digital nomads seeking a workspace away from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and modern infrastructure, Guadeloupe provides an ideal setting for remote work. In this guide, we will explore the various aspects of setting up shop in Guadeloupe, including accommodation options, coworking spaces, transportation, and more.


When it comes to finding accommodation in Guadeloupe, there are several options available to digital nomads. Whether you prefer the comfort of a hotel, the privacy of an apartment rental, or the social atmosphere of a guesthouse, Guadeloupe has it all.

  • Hotel La Créole Beach Resort: Located in Le Gosier, this beachfront hotel offers spacious rooms with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. The hotel also provides amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, and on-site restaurant.
  • Apartment Rental Les Terrasses de la Toubana: Situated in Sainte-Anne, these luxurious apartments feature modern amenities and panoramic views of the ocean. Each apartment comes fully furnished with a kitchen, living area, and private balcony.
  • Guesthouse La Maison du Bananier: Nestled in the heart of Basse-Terre, this charming guesthouse offers cozy rooms surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Guests can enjoy a communal kitchen, outdoor pool, and complimentary breakfast.

Coworking Spaces

For digital nomads in need of a dedicated workspace, Guadeloupe offers a few coworking spaces that cater to remote workers.

  • Coworking Les Jardins de Valombreuse: Located in Petit-Bourg, this coworking space provides a tranquil environment surrounded by nature. Amenities include high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a coffee bar.
  • Coworking La Créole Beach Resort: Situated within the hotel of the same name, this coworking space offers a professional setting with access to hotel amenities. Digital nomads can enjoy the beach, pool, and restaurant during breaks.


Getting around Guadeloupe is relatively easy, thanks to its well-developed transportation system.

  • Taxi Services: Taxis are readily available throughout the islands of Guadeloupe. It is recommended to use licensed taxis or ride-hailing services for convenience and safety.
  • Rideshare Services: Rideshare services like Uber are also available in certain parts of Guadeloupe, providing an alternative mode of transportation.
  • Car Rental: Renting a car is a popular option for digital nomads who wish to explore the islands at their own pace. Several car rental agencies operate in Guadeloupe, offering a wide range of vehicles.

Local Cuisine

One of the highlights of living and working in Guadeloupe is the opportunity to indulge in its delicious local cuisine.

  • Colombo: This traditional Creole dish features meat (usually chicken or goat) marinated in a flavorful blend of spices and served with rice and beans.
  • Bokit: A popular street food, bokit is a deep-fried bread stuffed with various fillings such as meat, cheese, or vegetables.
  • Acras: These savory fritters are made with a batter of salted codfish, flour, and herbs. They are typically served as an appetizer or snack.

Leisure Activities

When you need a break from work, Guadeloupe offers a plethora of leisure activities to enjoy.

  • Visit La Soufrière: Take a hike up La Soufrière, an active volcano located on Basse-Terre. Enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and witness the steam rising from the crater.
  • Explore Pointe-à-Pitre: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Guadeloupe by visiting Pointe-à-Pitre, the largest city on the island. Explore the local markets, museums, and historic sites.
  • Relax on Grande-Terre’s Beaches: Spend a day lounging on the pristine beaches of Grande-Terre, known for their crystal-clear waters and powdery white sand.

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Local Etiquette

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the local etiquette and customs when living and working in Guadeloupe.

  • Greetings: When meeting someone for the first time, it is customary to greet them with a handshake and maintain eye contact.
  • Language: French is the official language of Guadeloupe, so it is helpful to learn a few basic phrases to communicate with the locals.
  • Tipping: Tipping is not mandatory in Guadeloupe, as a service charge is often included in the bill. However, it is customary to leave a small tip for exceptional service.

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Guadeloupe enjoys a tropical climate with warm temperatures year-round. The rainy season typically occurs from June to November, while the dry season lasts from December to May.

  • Temperature: Average temperatures range from 77°F (25°C) to 86°F (30°C) throughout the year.
  • Hurricane Season: Guadeloupe is susceptible to hurricanes, with the peak season occurring from June to November. It is advisable to monitor weather forecasts and follow local authorities’ instructions during this time.

Local Customs

Guadeloupeans take pride in their rich cultural heritage and have several customs and traditions worth experiencing.

  • Carnival: Join in the festivities during Guadeloupe’s vibrant Carnival season, which typically takes place in February. Enjoy colorful parades, traditional music, and elaborate costumes.
  • Traditional Music and Dance: Experience the lively rhythms of Guadeloupean music, such as zouk and gwo ka, and witness traditional dance performances showcasing the island’s cultural diversity.

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With its stunning natural beauty, vibrant culture, and modern amenities, Guadeloupe is an excellent destination for digital nomads looking to set up shop in a tropical paradise. From comfortable accommodations to coworking spaces and exciting leisure activities, Guadeloupe offers everything you need for a productive and enjoyable remote work experience.



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