Setting Up Shop In Guam: A Digital Nomad's Workspace Guide - Answers & Video

Setting Up Shop In Guam: A Digital Nomad’s Workspace Guide

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Setting Up Shop in Guam: A Digital Nomad’s Workspace Guide

Guam, a beautiful island territory located in the western Pacific Ocean, offers a unique opportunity for digital nomads seeking a serene and picturesque workspace. With its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and modern infrastructure, Guam has become an attractive destination for remote workers looking to set up shop in paradise. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about setting up your digital nomad workspace in Guam.

Section 1: Introduction to Guam

Guam, officially known as the Territory of Guam, is an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is the largest and southernmost island in the Mariana Islands archipelago. With a population of approximately 165,000 people, Guam offers a unique blend of American and Chamorro cultures. The island is known for its stunning natural beauty, including pristine beaches, lush jungles, and crystal-clear waters. Guam’s strategic location also makes it an ideal hub for exploring other destinations in the Pacific.

  • Beaches: Guam is renowned for its beautiful beaches, such as Tumon Bay Beach, Ypao Beach Park, and Ritidian Point. These beaches offer a tranquil and inspiring environment for remote work.
  • Culture: Immerse yourself in the rich Chamorro culture by exploring historical sites like Latte Stone Park, where you can witness ancient stone pillars that are unique to Guam.
  • Outdoor Activities: From snorkeling and scuba diving to hiking and kayaking, Guam offers a wide range of outdoor activities to keep you energized during your breaks.
  • Cuisine: Sample the delicious Chamorro cuisine, which blends flavors from various cultures, including Spanish, Filipino, and American influences.

Section 2: Finding Accommodation in Guam

When it comes to finding accommodation in Guam, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Whether you prefer a luxurious hotel or a cozy apartment, Guam offers a variety of options to suit every budget and preference.

  • Tumon Bay: Tumon Bay is the main tourist district in Guam and offers a range of hotels and resorts with stunning ocean views.
  • Hagatna: As the capital of Guam, Hagatna provides a mix of modern and historical accommodations, including hotels and guesthouses.
  • Agana Bay: Located just south of Hagatna, Agana Bay offers a peaceful and scenic setting with several waterfront accommodations.
  • Dededo: If you prefer a more suburban setting, Dededo is a great option with its residential areas and apartment complexes.

Section 3: Coworking Spaces in Guam

For digital nomads seeking a dedicated workspace, Guam offers several coworking spaces that provide all the amenities and infrastructure needed to work efficiently.

  • Start-Up Guam: Located in Tumon, Start-Up Guam offers flexible coworking memberships with high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and a supportive community of like-minded professionals.
  • HBG Business Center: Situated in Tamuning, HBG Business Center provides fully equipped workspaces, conference rooms, and business support services.
  • Regus Guam: Regus Guam offers flexible coworking options in various locations across the island, including Tumon and Hagatna.
  • Co+Create: Co+Create is a creative coworking space in Dededo that caters to artists, designers, and entrepreneurs.

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Section 4: Internet Connectivity in Guam

As a digital nomad, a reliable internet connection is crucial for your remote work. Fortunately, Guam offers excellent internet connectivity with several providers offering high-speed options.

  • GTA TeleGuam: GTA TeleGuam is one of the major internet service providers in Guam, offering both residential and business plans with fast speeds.
  • Docomo Pacific: Docomo Pacific provides reliable internet services with various plans tailored to meet the needs of remote workers.
  • IT&E: IT&E offers internet services along with mobile phone plans, making it a convenient option for digital nomads.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspots: Many cafes, restaurants, and public areas in Guam offer free Wi-Fi, allowing you to work remotely while enjoying the island’s beauty.

Section 5: Transportation in Guam

Getting around Guam is relatively easy, thanks to its well-developed transportation system. Whether you prefer renting a car, using public transportation, or relying on rideshare services, Guam has options to suit your needs.

  • Car Rental: Several car rental agencies operate in Guam, offering a wide range of vehicles to choose from. Renting a car gives you the freedom to explore the island at your own pace.
  • Public Transportation: Guam’s public transportation system consists of buses that serve major routes across the island. The buses are affordable and a convenient way to travel.
  • Taxi Services: Taxis are readily available in Guam and can be hailed from designated taxi stands or booked through mobile apps.
  • Rideshare: Popular rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are also available in Guam, providing an alternative mode of transportation.

Section 6: Health and Safety in Guam

When it comes to health and safety, Guam offers reliable healthcare facilities and maintains a relatively low crime rate.

  • Hospitals and Clinics: Guam has several hospitals and clinics that provide quality healthcare services. The Guam Memorial Hospital and Guam Regional Medical City are two major hospitals on the island.
  • Emergency Services: In case of emergencies, dial 911 for immediate assistance. Guam has a well-established emergency response system.
  • Safety: Guam is generally considered safe for tourists and residents alike. However, it’s always advisable to take common precautions, such as securing your belongings and being aware of your surroundings.
  • Health Insurance: It’s recommended to have comprehensive health insurance coverage that includes medical evacuation in case of emergencies.

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Section 7: Exploring Guam’s Cuisine

One of the highlights of living and working in Guam is the opportunity to savor its unique and delicious cuisine. Chamorro food, with its fusion of flavors, is a true culinary delight.

  • Kelaguen: Kelaguen is a popular Chamorro dish made with grilled meat or seafood marinated in lemon juice, onions, and hot peppers.
  • Red Rice: Red rice is a staple in Chamorro cuisine, made with achote seeds that give it a vibrant color and a slightly nutty flavor.
  • Titiyas: Titiyas are corn or coconut tortillas that are often served as a side dish with Chamorro meals.
  • Chicken Kelaguen: Chicken kelaguen is a variation of the traditional kelaguen dish, made with shredded chicken instead of seafood.

Section 8: Exploring Guam’s Attractions

During your time in Guam, take the opportunity to explore the island’s many attractions and experience its natural beauty and cultural heritage.

  • Two Lovers Point: Two Lovers Point is a scenic lookout that offers breathtaking views of Tumon Bay. It is a popular spot for romantic sunsets.
  • War in the Pacific National Historical Park: This historical park commemorates the events of World War II and features various sites, including Asan Bay Overlook and the T. Stell Newman Visitor Center.
  • Chamorro Village: Visit Chamorro Village in Hagatna to experience the vibrant local culture, shop for local crafts, and sample traditional food at the Wednesday Night Market.
  • UnderWater World: Explore Guam’s underwater world at UnderWater World, where you can walk through an underwater tunnel and observe marine life up close.

Section 9: Enjoying Guam’s Outdoor Activities

When you need a break from work, Guam offers a plethora of outdoor activities to rejuvenate your mind and body.

  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: Discover Guam’s vibrant underwater world by snorkeling or scuba diving in its pristine coral reefs.
  • Hiking: Guam boasts several scenic hiking trails, including the challenging Mount Lamlam and the picturesque Tarzan Falls.
  • Kayaking: Rent a kayak and explore Guam’s tranquil bays and mangrove forests at your own pace.
  • Stand-Up Paddleboarding: Try stand-up paddleboarding in Guam’s calm waters for a fun and relaxing experience.

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Section 10: Climate and Weather in Guam

Guam has a tropical climate, characterized by warm temperatures and high humidity throughout the year. Understanding the weather patterns can help you plan your activities and workspace setup accordingly.

  • Rainy Season: The rainy season in Guam typically occurs from July to December, with increased chances of heavy rainfall and occasional typhoons.
  • Dry Season: The dry season, from January to June, offers more stable weather with less rainfall and lower humidity.
  • Temperature: The average temperature in Guam ranges from 75°F (24°C) to 86°F (30°C) year-round, making it a pleasant environment for remote work.
  • Clothing: Lightweight and breathable clothing, such as cotton or linen, is recommended to stay comfortable in Guam’s tropical climate.

Section 11: Visa Requirements for Digital Nomads in Guam

As Guam is a territory of the United States, the visa requirements for digital nomads are the same as those for entering the United States. If you are a citizen of a visa waiver program country, you can enter Guam without a visa for up to 90 days. For longer stays or citizens of non-visa waiver program countries, you will need to apply for the appropriate visa.

  • Visa Waiver Program: Citizens of countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program can enter Guam without a visa for tourism or business purposes for up to 90 days.
  • B-1 Visa: If you plan to work in Guam as a digital nomad, you may need to apply for a B-1 visa, which allows temporary business visits.
  • ESTA: Before traveling to Guam, ensure that you have obtained authorization through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) if you are eligible for the Visa Waiver Program.
  • Non-Visa Waiver Countries: Citizens of countries not eligible for the Visa Waiver Program should contact the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate to inquire about the appropriate visa for visiting Guam.

Section 12: Conclusion

Setting up shop in Guam as a digital nomad offers a unique opportunity to work in a tropical paradise while enjoying the island’s natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. With its stunning beaches, modern infrastructure, and vibrant community, Guam provides an ideal workspace for remote professionals. From finding accommodation and coworking spaces to exploring the island’s attractions and outdoor activities, Guam has everything you need to create a productive and fulfilling digital nomad lifestyle.


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Please note that the information provided in this article is subject to change. It is always recommended to verify the latest guidelines and requirements before planning a trip to Guam.

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