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Setting Up Shop In Morocco: A Digital Nomad’s Workspace Guide

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Setting Up Shop in Morocco: A Digital Nomad’s Workspace Guide

Morocco, with its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and affordable cost of living, has become a popular destination for digital nomads looking to set up shop. Whether you’re a freelancer, remote worker, or entrepreneur, Morocco offers a range of options for creating your ideal workspace. In this guide, we’ll explore the best cities, coworking spaces, cafes, and other essential aspects to help you establish a productive and inspiring work environment in Morocco.

City Selection: Finding Your Ideal Work Destination

To begin your digital nomad journey in Morocco, it’s crucial to choose the right city that aligns with your needs and preferences. Here are some of the top cities in Morocco for digital nomads:

  • Marrakech: Known as the “Red City,” Marrakech offers a mix of traditional and modern vibes. It’s home to numerous coworking spaces, cafes, and a bustling entrepreneurial community.
  • Casablanca: As Morocco’s economic hub, Casablanca offers excellent business opportunities and a vibrant startup scene. It has a wide range of coworking spaces and modern amenities.
  • Tangier: Located at the northern tip of Morocco, Tangier is known for its artistic and bohemian atmosphere. It’s a great place for creative professionals and offers a unique blend of cultures.

Coworking Spaces: Productive and Collaborative Environments

When it comes to finding a dedicated workspace, coworking spaces are an ideal choice for digital nomads. Here are some of the top coworking spaces in Morocco:

  • Impact Lab: Located in Casablanca, Impact Lab offers a modern and vibrant coworking environment. It provides various amenities such as high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and networking events.
  • StartUp Haus: Situated in Marrakech, StartUp Haus is a popular choice among entrepreneurs and freelancers. It offers flexible membership plans and a supportive community.
  • Factory Coworking: Found in Tangier, Factory Coworking provides a comfortable and creative workspace. It has a relaxed atmosphere and offers amenities like printing facilities and a kitchenette.

Cafes: Blend Work and Moroccan Culture

For a more casual and culturally immersive work environment, Moroccan cafes are a great option. Here are some cafes in Morocco that offer a conducive atmosphere for digital nomads:

  • Café Clock: Located in Marrakech, Café Clock offers a unique blend of Moroccan tradition and modern comfort. It has a cozy ambiance, delicious food, and a relaxed work-friendly atmosphere.
  • Le 18: Situated in Casablanca, Le 18 is a trendy cafe known for its artistic vibes. It provides a creative environment, free Wi-Fi, and a variety of beverages.
  • Café Hafa: Found in Tangier, Café Hafa offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. It has a tranquil setting, outdoor seating, and a perfect spot to work while enjoying Moroccan tea.

Accommodation: Finding Your Home Away from Home

Finding the right accommodation is essential for a comfortable and productive stay in Morocco. Here are some popular options for digital nomads:

  • Riad Dar Anika: Located in Marrakech, Riad Dar Anika offers a luxurious and peaceful retreat. It provides spacious rooms, a courtyard, and a rooftop terrace for relaxation.
  • Art Palace Suites & Spa: Situated in Casablanca, Art Palace Suites & Spa offers modern and stylish accommodation. It features comfortable rooms, a spa, and a fitness center.
  • Hotel Continental: Found in Tangier, Hotel Continental is a historic hotel with a charming ambiance. It offers cozy rooms, a restaurant, and easy access to the city’s attractions.

Transportation: Getting Around Morocco

To explore Morocco and move between cities, it’s important to have reliable transportation options. Here are some popular choices:

  • Taxis: Taxis are a convenient mode of transportation within cities. Make sure to negotiate the fare or ask for the meter to be turned on.
  • Rideshares: Apps like Uber and Careem operate in major Moroccan cities, providing a reliable and comfortable transportation option.
  • Trains: Morocco has an extensive train network connecting major cities. Trains are a comfortable and efficient way to travel long distances.

Exploring Morocco: Must-Visit Places

When taking breaks from work, exploring Morocco’s rich culture and natural beauty is a must. Here are some must-visit places:

  • Djemaa el Fna: Located in Marrakech, Djemaa el Fna is a vibrant square filled with food stalls, street performers, and traditional entertainment.
  • Hassan II Mosque: Situated in Casablanca, Hassan II Mosque is one of the largest mosques in the world. It’s a stunning architectural masterpiece.
  • Medina of Tangier: Found in Tangier, the Medina is a maze-like old town with narrow streets, bustling markets, and beautiful architecture.


Setting up shop as a digital nomad in Morocco offers a unique blend of work and cultural experiences. With its diverse cities, coworking spaces, cafes, and stunning attractions, Morocco provides an ideal environment for remote work. Embrace the vibrant atmosphere, immerse yourself in the local culture, and make the most of your digital nomad journey in Morocco.

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City Selection: Finding Your Ideal Work Destination

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Transportation: Getting Around Morocco

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Exploring Morocco: Must-Visit Places



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