What Are The Top 3 Languages Spoken In Costa Rica? Answer

What Are The Top 3 Languages Spoken In Costa Rica?

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The three most commonly spoken languages in Costa Rica are Spanish, English, and indigenous languages.

Spanish: Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica, and is spoken by the vast majority of the population. Most Costa Ricans are fluent in Spanish, and it is the language that is most commonly used in everyday life.

English: English is the second most commonly spoken language in Costa Rica, particularly in the tourist industry. Many Costa Ricans, particularly those who work in the tourism sector, are fluent in English and use it as a second language.

Indigenous languages: A small number of indigenous people in Costa Rica speak indigenous languages, including Bribri, Cabécar, and Guaymí. These languages are spoken by a small minority of the population, but are an important part of Costa Rica’s cultural heritage.

Overall, Costa Rica is a multilingual country, and many people speak more than one language. The ability to speak Spanish is particularly useful for travelers to Costa Rica, as it will allow you to communicate with a wider range of people and make the most of your trip.

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