What Is The Easter Tradition In Bermuda? Answer
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What Is The Easter Tradition In Bermuda?


Easter is an important holiday in Bermuda and is celebrated with a variety of traditions, many of which are shared by other Christian communities around the world. Some Easter traditions in Bermuda include:

Attending church services: Many people in Bermuda attend special Easter services at their local churches to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

Decorating Easter eggs: Decorating Easter eggs is a popular activity in Bermuda, and many people participate in egg-hunting games and egg-rolling contests.

Eating Easter treats: Easter treats like hot cross buns, simnel cake, and chocolate eggs are popular in Bermuda.

Wearing new clothes: Some people in Bermuda believe that wearing new clothes on Easter Sunday brings good luck for the year ahead.

Participating in parades: Some communities in Bermuda hold Easter parades or processions to celebrate the holiday.

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