What To Do In Costa Rica? Answer

What To Do In Costa Rica?

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There are many things to do in Costa Rica! Here are a few suggestions:

Visit Arenal Volcano National Park and go hiking or zip lining through the rainforest.
Relax on the beaches of Tamarindo or Manuel Antonio.
Take a boat tour through the Tortuguero National Park to see the diverse wildlife, including monkeys, crocodiles, and turtles.
Go whitewater rafting or kayaking on one of Costa Rica’s many rivers.
Visit the capital city of San Jose and tour the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum.
Take a coffee plantation tour and learn about the country’s famous export.
Go scuba diving or snorkeling in the Pacific or Caribbean to see colorful fish and coral.
Visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve and take a guided tour through the beautiful, misty forest.
These are just a few ideas, but Costa Rica has many other activities and attractions to offer. Have fun exploring!

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