When Does Costa Rica Celebrate Christmas? Answer

When Does Costa Rica Celebrate Christmas?

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Costa Rica celebrates Christmas on December 25th, just like many other countries around the world. Christmas is a major holiday in Costa Rica, and it is celebrated with a variety of traditions and customs.

One tradition that is common in Costa Rica is the “Posada,” which is a reenactment of Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem. The Posada involves a procession through the streets, with people singing traditional Christmas songs and carrying a statue of the baby Jesus.

On Christmas Eve, many Costa Ricans attend midnight mass at church, and then return home to celebrate with their families. Christmas Day is a time for gift-giving, feasting, and spending time with loved ones. Traditional Costa Rican Christmas dishes include tamales, roast pork, and a variety of sweet treats.

Overall, Christmas is an important and much-anticipated holiday in Costa Rica, and it is celebrated with joy and enthusiasm by people of all ages.

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